Weekly Round-Up: On The Road Again

Another month, another major trip.  On the plus side, rather than having to go to court and defend my claims of disability, I’m going to see my mother and the rest of my maternal family for the next week.  I love being able to show off my baby girl to her grandmother and the rest of my family, who definitely love her greatly.  (Plus, the fact that said grandmother is willing to babysit said baby girl while my wife and I go off on a date or two is a pretty nice bonus.)

On the minus side, it’s a trip across the state right when I’m getting a bit of break and the chance to do some blog writing (including finding a way to celebrate that aforementioned five year anniversary).  It makes for a busy week, to say nothing of the time and effort that’s gone into the prep work this week.  Luckily, I’ve still had time to gather some of the best blog entries from across the World Wide Web and display them on this blog, starting with these

Great Yakezie Posts

Yakezie Theta Membership Class is Now Open! – What better way to open my list of good Yakezie posts than with the post allowing more people to join.

Why You Should Hang Out With Your Professor – It’s good to build up a network, and professors can be a helpful part of that network, as 20’s Finances notes.

How to Balance Your Side Gig With Your Full-Time Job – It’s tough juggling two major tasks, but this article on My Personal Finance Journey provides some good advice.

What Breaking Bad Teaches Us About Business and Money – It’s a popular show right now (particularly since the last episode aired), and as the Untemplater notes, there are lessons that you can learn by watching.

Creating Your Corporation: Understanding Critical Differences Between an LLC and an S-Corp – What type of business is an important (and tricky) part of creating a business, as See Debt Run discusses.

Other Great Posts

4 Tips for Applying to Jobs You Aren’t Qualified For – You probably won’t be qualified for every job you apply to, so these tips from Young Adult Money should be helpful.

Should All Moms Be Stay-At-Home Moms? – The short answer is ‘No’, but Holly of Club Thrifty provides a much more thorough and interesting answer.

I Love My Job.  Do You Love Yours? – It’s not really an appropriate question for me right now, but these thoughts from Student Debt Survivor are very interesting.

Moving Forward: Fast, Slow and Constant – Things take effort and The Broke and The Beautiful Life notes that success is possible if you keep at it.

Where the Jobs Will Be in 2022 – If you want to know the location and education level of jobs nearly a decade ago, the Weaknonomist has you covered.

Contests and Giveaways

I don’t need to tell you, but if you want some free publicity for a giveaway, hit me up and I’ll share it with my readers.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

It was a slow week this week; my article with 6 Tips for Preparing Your Own Taxes (a popular task this time of year) was only featured in one blog carnival, Carnival of Retirement at Brick By Brick Investing.  Thanks for the feature!

That’s it for this week; here’s hoping you have a great week yourself, even if you aren’t off on a visit to your family.

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