Weekly Round-Up: Now the Fun Really Begins…

As I noted in my last Weekly Round-Up, my wife and I have spent the last two weeks hosting her sister.  It was rather unexpected; at least, we hadn’t expected that she would be here for two weeks (we planned for three days, tops) and she would be here so soon (we were expecting late January).  To say that it complicated things around The Amateur Financier household is putting things extremely mildly; I’m not even going to try to get into it here, but things were rough between my wife and her sister for much of the trip (particularly this past week).

Add in the holidays, celebrations with friends, and visits from other relatives, and I haven’t been on a ‘normal’ schedule for more than a week since mid-November.  There was lots of fun to be had, don’t get me wrong, but it complicates the process of getting caught up on your To-Do List, particularly when you are already behind on things like reading and writing blog articles.  Speaking of which, it’s time to share some of the best articles from this previous week, so let’s enjoy this Weekly Round-Up as we read through these:

Great Yakezie Posts

Four Low-Cost Foods to Help You Get Healthy and Wealthy – If there are two things that are at the top of most peoples’ resolutions, they’d be getting healthier and wealthier; Squirrelers gives you four food ideas to help you do both.

Should I Go To Public School or Private School? – A question that everyone will have to ask as they head off to college, and one that the Financial Samurai examines while discussing the advantages of each.

Want to Get Paid For Your Writing? – Chances are, at least if you’re one of my fellow bloggers, the answer is yes, so this book review from Elle of Couple Money should prove quite interesting.

Travel Hacking Your Way to Budget Trips Out of Canada – Travel hacking, that is, traveling for the least amount of cash possible, is getting quite popular nowadays, making this advice from Young and Thrifty is quite helpful.

Why I Haven’t Bought Any Marijuana Stocks Yet – Yup, marijuana sales have become mainstream enough that you can get stock in marijuana companies; still, as Even of My Journey to Millions notes, it might be a bit too soon to buy some yourself.

Other Great Posts

10 Steps to Going Organic on a Budget – An interesting post, where Kelly of The Centsible Life shares her history and how you can start living organic without spending a huge amount of money.

Ten Ways to Bring More Luxury Into Your Life This Year – It doesn’t take much money (or huge changes) to make your life more enjoyable, as noted by More Style Than Cash.

The Health-Wealth Effect – An interesting look at the (sadly common) links between obesity and poverty, as discussed by Your Wealth Effect.

What Happens If You Don’t Make Estimated Tax Payments? – One of the things you need to consider if you become self-employed is the need to make estimated tax payments, as noted by My Dollar Plan.

5 Tips to Help You Learn a New Language – I’m always a fan of learning new languages, and these tips from Personal Dividends should help you along that path.

Alright, that’s it for this week.  Here’s hoping you have had a less stressful time this past week and that this upcoming week will be great for everyone.  As for me, I’ll be working to finish what I expected to have done last Wednesday…

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