Weekly Round-Up: My Increasing Database Usage

If you are a regular reader, and I certainly hope that you are, you have probably noticed that I haven’t done a Round-Up in quite a while.  It’s been, let me check…three weeks since I wrote the last one, and plenty of things have happened since then.  I’ve turned 31, had my blog temporarily shut down for taking up too much server space, and more recently upgraded my server to VPS to (hopefully) avoid this sort of situation in the future.

I’m not going to discuss this matter too deeply, although I will note that a major reason I used too much space is keeping too many backups of my blog, increasing my server usage beyond the appropriate limits.  This doesn’t change my recommendation to keep backups of your site, although I’d temper my advice by suggesting you save most of said backups offline, accessing them only if you need them to restore your site, from something like hacking or other problems.  It could save you a great deal of trouble with your webhost, as well as possible expenses to upgrading your server access.  (There are reasons I’ve said that there are many harsh truths about blogging out there.)

All of this will hopefully help explain why it’s been so long since I’ve posted a Round-Up, or anything really.  There is at least one positive side of all these issues: they are a sign I’ve been building up my site pretty well, creating a sizable blog with hundreds of articles to be read by eager visitors.  It’s been tough, but pretty encouraging in it’s own way.  That’s about it for now; on to the Round-Up, sharing some of my fellow bloggers’ works from the past (three, yes, three) weeks.  Read and enjoy, starting with

Great Yakezie Posts

5 Reasons I Can’t Be a Digital Nomad – What sounds pretty awesome when you are twenty, single and childless starts to sound less appealing as you gain years and children, as Retire by 40 notes.

7 Things You Should Teach Your Kids About Money – There are a lot of things your kids will learn about money; here, Prairie Eco-Thrifter shares some things that you need to make sure they learn.

5 Energy Efficient Devices to Lower Your Office’s Operating Costs – There are a lot of ways to keep the costs of running an office under control, and here’s one from Sustainable Personal Finance that can save you money and energy.

200+ Ways to Make Money Online – Two hundred might seem a bit excessive, but this infographic from Buck Inspire provides a lot of ways to make money with the power of your computer.

When Is The Right Time To Quit My Job and Do Something New? – It’s frequently a bad idea, but the Financial Samurai sets out thirteen situations when quitting is a good idea.

Starting to Invest? Try A Mock Portfolio – There are plenty of ways to gain knowledge about how to invest (reading a blog like this is a good start), the mock portfolios recommended by Young and Thrifty are a pretty good one.

Sidestep Workaholism, and You’ll Live More Profitably! – As Squirrelers notes, there’s not much to be gained from working constantly, and if you can keep your nose away from the grindstone, you’ll be much happier for it.

Make a Wish or Achieve Your Dream? – The former is certainly easier, but as Krantcents notes, the latter is what you need to do if you’re hoping to truly get to those great hopes of yours.

5 Secrets of Successful Savers – Saving isn’t as tough as it might seem (to judge from the number of people who can’t seem to save); as Melissa notes on Everything Finance, it just takes some effort.

Helping Your Boomerang Children to Live Independently – With so many children returning to their parents homes, it’s good to know how to help them to live freely, as The Frugal Toad describes.

The Many Hats, Masks, and Roles of Entrepreneurs in Business – If you want your own business, be prepared to take on lots of tasks, as noted on Untemplater.

My Canadian Dream – It’s amazing how a little time and a little financial knowledge can change your dream, as Jordann notes on her last post for Making Sense of Cents.

3 Common Car Buying Mistakes That Can Cost You Thousands – It’s tricky to buy a car, there’s no denying that, but if you can avoid the mistakes laid out on Faithful With a Few, you’ll be in better shape.

How to Get Out of Poverty – A very interesting, and somewhat profound, article from Derek of Life and My Finances illustrating what it takes to get out of debt (hint: it isn’t easy).

Beating Sexism One Chin-Up at a Time – There are still some very stupid, very sexist people out there, and Crystal of Budgeting in The Fun Stuff is fighting back, one chin-up at a time.

Other Great Posts

Fantex: Buy a Share of Athlete Earnings – If you ever watched a football game and wanted a share of the linebackers’ earnings, Lazy Man and Money lays out how your hopes might come true soon.

A Brief Guide to the Point of Bonds – It’s not really that brief (there’s even a mention of ‘irony’), but this article from Monevator is very helpful for would-be bond investors.

Sick? Please Stay Home – I’ll admit, I have tended to go into school or work when (mildly) ill, but Donna Freedman of Surviving and Thriving makes an excellent argument for not ever doing so.

Want a Better Job After You Graduate? Consider an Internship – They don’t pay anything, but internships do provide advantages, as laid out on Personal Dividends.

Do You Have to Pay Taxes In Jail? – An interesting question, one answered (along with some related questions) by Amanda of My Dollar Plan in a pretty interesting read.

Calling All Millenials: 4 Key Financial Tips You Need to Know – As a Millenial myself, I’m glad to see some financial suggestions, such as on this guest post from Len Penzo.

Dear Mr. Watterson – This article about Bill Watterson (of Calvin and Hobbes fame) from Weakonomics is pretty awesome (and a nice reminder of one of the best comic strips ever).

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

It’s a three-fer this time around.  First, my article on Why Penny Auctions Suck was included in these carnivals:

Then, my experience in a virtual career fair that led me to suggest 7 Ways to Succeed in a Virtual Career Fair, which were included in the following carnivals:

Finally, this past week there were a half dozen carnivals that included my article on Breaking Into Business When You’re Broke:

That’s it for now.  Hopefully by the next time I do a round-up, all the technical issues will be completely resolved (and I’ll be able to post my round-up during my typical date).  Until then, enjoy the links, and here’s hoping you have a great week!

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