Weekly Round-Up: My First Father’s Day as a Dad!

Today is a truly wonderful day.  I am a father on Father’s Day for the first time ever.  It’s a wonderful feeling, I’ll admit, being able to have a family, including a beautiful little baby, to celebrate the holiday with.  (Yes, yes, I know, Father’s Day was pulled out of the air pretty much just to drive up marketing efforts, but still, it’s a nice sensation, nonetheless.)

So, on my first Dad’s Day, I’m planning to spend my time with my baby and my wife, to enjoy being a father with the very people most critical to my being a father.  Just a nice day spent with my favorite people in the world, relaxing and having fun while not worrying about anything.  Granted, come tomorrow, there will be even more things left for me to do (isn’t that always the way after a holiday?), but for now, I’m going to enjoy Father’s Day, and I hope you enjoy these blog posts:

Great Yakezie Posts

4 Must Do Steps Prior to Starting Your Own Business – There are plenty of people out there who’d like to start their own businesses (myself included), but most don’t think the things through thoroughly.  The Financial Blogger provides a few issues to consider before you get started on your own company.

Should I Use a Credit Card or a Debit Card? – Ah, credit or debit, the eternal question.  Squirrelers lays out the pros and cons of each, helping you to choose which you’d prefer to use (assuming that you don’t want to stick with paper money, of course).

10 Reasons to Check Out Used Clothing Stores – We all need to wear clothing (well, those of us who aren’t nudists, I suppose), so if you have a way to cut down those clothing costs, it’s definitely for the better.  Out of Debt Again makes a strong case for getting your garments pre-worn, whenever possible.

Xanatos Gambit! – There’s a lot of situations where you need to plan out your future, which sometimes seems like quite a drag.  But as Krantcents notes, if you do so, you can find yourself in situations where you are able to win no matter what the outcome, and that’s worth the effort.

National Parks-An Incredible Experience and Incredible Value – I’ve always wanted to go to visit some of the national parks, and never more so than after reading about this experience from Well-Heeled Blog.  I’ll definitely have to add it to my Bucket List

6 Scientific Ways to Increase Your Tips as a Server – There are apparently proven, scientific ways to up your returns if you happen to work in the food service industry, as noted by Darwin’s Money.  Some are out of your control (being a busty blonde, for example), but some you can try (like bending over).

6 Ways Regular Exercise Can Improve Your Life – You’ve probably heard that you should exercise plenty of times in your life (along with ‘save money’ and ‘eat well’), but in case you need yet more encouragement, this article from Prairie Eco-Thrifter aught to spur your exercising muscles.

The More Money For Beer and Textbooks Podcast – Find yourself in college and want to manage your money better so you have to spend on, well, beer (and maybe, textbooks)?  Check out the premiere podcast from the guys who brought you the My University Money blog.

Other Great PF Posts

15 Inexpensive Wedding Ideas – I ended up being married by a justice of the peace, but if you want a more traditional marriage that doesn’t break the bank, you can try to follow some of the suggestions laid out here by My Dollar Plan.

Can You Afford to Be a Single Income Family? – It can tough to make it in this modern world on only one income, but frequently one parent would love to stay home and raise the children in a family.  Being Frugal provides some advice on how you can make it on just one parent’s earnings without undergoing any hardship.

Things You Can Sell To Boost Your Savings Account Balance – I suppose you could technically sell just about anything, but if you want some of the more common and reasonable ideas, this list from Engineer Your Finances provides a pretty good place to start.

7 No-B.S. Easy & Foolproof Ways to Make Money Online – If selling’s not your thing, you could try these recommendations from 20s Money.  I don’t know how ‘Foolproof’, or for that matter, ‘Easy’,’ I’d consider them (particularly that ‘blogging’ one), but they all do have potential if you do them right.

How “easy” is getting pregnant? – This is a tough question posed by Punch Debt in the Face; it seems that the people who want to get pregnant, have trouble doing so, while those who don’t (I’m looking at you, high school and college students), have no trouble.  Interesting question.

Contests and Giveaways

  • Pay Off Debt App Celebration Giveaway – This one is coming to an end pretty darn soon (tomorrow, in fact): Jackie of  The Debt Myth has created a Pay Off Debt App and is giving away both the app AND an iPad Mini to one lucky winner who enters by June 17th.
  • City Skyline Prints – You might be tired of me always mentioning Take Our Stuff. , but hey, they have plenty of good giveaways going on at all times, which is nice.  I’ve mentioned this one before, but skyline prints sound like a nice way to decorate your home.
  • The Amateur Financier 1000th Post Giveaway – Yup, we can’t forget this one; it’s arguably the most important and impressive of them all.  It’s my contest for my 1000th post, after all, so there’s plenty of enjoyment to be hand. Check it out and enter (by the end of the month)!

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

Every so often, I start to think about how to handle things when I get closer to passing on; my thoughts on how to handle Revocable Living Trusts were featured in a few different carnivals last week, including:

My 1000th Post contest was also featured on an article about 3 Free Money Resources from Personal Finance Bloggers by Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance, so be sure to check her out.

That’s it for today.  I hope that all the fathers out there have a great Dad’s Day, all the children remember to say ‘thanks’ to dad for everything he’s done, and all the moms aren’t too overwhelmed by having to do all the cooking, child care and other housework for the entire day.  (Who am kidding? That’s the typical day for most mothers.)  Have a good day, everyone!


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