Weekly Round-Up: My Daughter Is Growing Up So Quickly

I know I’ve said this before, but I’m always impressed by how quickly my little girl is growing up.  She is standing upright without support (at least for a moment or two), she’s crawling further and further each day, and her ability to scatter her toys is becoming increasingly impressive.  She’s still in her pre-toddler years, so I realize that I have decades of time before she’s really and truly grown up, but it’s still crazy to see how quickly she is growing.  Before too long, she’ll hits those “terrible twos” I’ve heard so much about…

Luckily, I have plenty of help in this area (or perhaps I should say, I’m helping out a very wonderful wife).  It does allow me the opportunity to watch her as she grows up, and gives me plenty of chances to take pictures of her as she does.  I kind of feel pity for the children of her generation; with how easy it is to make pictures and videos nowadays, I will have plenty of photos and recordings for sharing with future boyfriends.  (Even if I might take a whomp or two to the head from her mother in the process.)  It does give me plenty to consider as I think about my lovely girl.

But perhaps I’m getting a bit off topic for a round-up.  There are plenty of great posts out there, and with the many things going on at home, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all of them.  I still try my best to read all the blogs that are out there, and share the best of the articles with my readers here.  Which brings us to the reason I’m sure most of your are here, the best article list, starting with the

Great Yakezie Posts

Want Better Productivity? Stop Multi-Tasking! – I’m not sure it can be said enough, but Prairie Eco-Thrifter is the latest person to say it: multi-tasking is simply impossible, and you shouldn’t bother trying.

7 Ways to (Almost) Effortlessly Save Money – Saving money always requires some effort, but these methods from The College Investor are some of the simplest you can take on and still cut your spending substantially.

Would You Move to Another Country for Love Or a Job? – An interesting question poised over on Saving Money Today; personally, as I already have love, I’d only have worry about moving for a job (and I’d love that opportunity).

Can You Inherit Debt? – The short answer is no, although there are plenty of finer points that the American Debt Project covers while looking at the issues of debt and inheritance.

Why I Wasted an Hour of My Life to Save $3.60 – Definitely a unique little story from Afford Anything, although learning from it might be a bit unusual.

Other Great Posts

Six Start-Up Ideas in Health and Fitness – With so many people (hopefully) carrying out New Year’s Resolutions involving wellness, these suggestions for creating a starting health business from Club Thrifty are pretty interesting.

3 Tips for Saving Money on Baby Stuff – I’ll be the first to tell you that babies can be expensive, so these hints on baby-related money saving over on Frugal Rules are quite interesting.

Traveling: Broke and Hungry – Not the sort of situation you want to find yourself in, and this article from Plunged in Debt should help you avoid that particular fate.

MLK Day of Service: Not Just a Day Off – I love the concept of celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. by providing services to others; I just wish I could have caught this post from Student Debt Survivor sooner.

4 Tips for Becoming a Full Time Blogger –  There are plenty of tips out there (from me among others), but it’s always good to revisit them, as Young Adult Money does with this entry.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

There’s plenty of basics I’m always happy to share, and at the start of the year, these 6 Things to Do With Your Money are a good place to start, as shared with these carnivals:

Alright, that’s it for this week.  I’m back to watching my little baby, and seeing her grow, far too quickly for my taste right in front of my eyes.  Here’s hoping you have a great week, and a wonderful time with your own family.

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