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I’ve tried to give a lot of different advice to would be bloggers, particularly those in the personal finance region.  In a lot of these articles, I’ll be honest, I have warned people on the surprising number of difficulties in being a success in your blogging.  (Especially if you are seeking to gain an audience and/or make a profit; if all you want to do is to write on the off chance that someone might read your article at someday, that’s much less stressful.)  It’s not because I hate blogging, I swear; I love being able to write and share things with my friends.

However, I do hate many of the technical issues that are involved with running a blog.  It is, in the end, a website after all, and if you aren’t a technically-inclined person, you are going to have some trouble.  I’ve had (more than) my share of issues in just this past week, with increasing levels of memory usage requiring me to upgrade my computer system.  While this is a pretty good sign when it comes to my blog’s popularity (more memory=more users=more popularity!), it’s still a pain to deal with, causing the site to go down several times until the issue was pinpointed.  (There were other issues that complicated matters immensely, but I’m trying to keep this round-up to a reasonable length, so suffice it to say that they have been handled.)

On top of all that, this happened to occur right after the Thanksgiving holiday season, making it all the more difficult to get things resolved (and much, much more difficult to get caught up with everything).  As such, I remain behind in my writing, and my reading, and so I’m only just getting caught up on reading these

Great Yakezie Posts

5 Money Saving Tips for Recent College Graduates – Here are some pretty effective tips for saving money from The College Investor (even if one involves moving back in with your parents).

What is Crowdfunding? Is This a Great Way to Raise Money? – Two great questions posed by Barbara Friedberg, covering the increasingly relevant issue of crowdfunding.

Are You Ready For Home Ownership? – A question many young people must ask themselves at some point (and more people should have asked before the housing bubble), as covered by How’s Married Life?

Top 20 Wish List For Entrepreneurs and Freelancers – If you need some gift ideas for the independent businessperson in your life, this list from Untemplater could be a good start.

Should Young Adults Gamble? – The default personal finance answer is ‘No’, but 20’s Finances takes a closer look at why we gamble (and why we shouldn’t).

5 Ways Big Data Might Be Letting You Know You Have Too Much Debt – In our increasingly info-filled world, companies know more about you than ever; Young and Thrifty has some advice on how to use their info your advantage.

10 Signs You Are Truly Happy – A pretty interesting infographic from Buck Inspire; the reminder to smile, in particular, is definitely worth remembering.

Other Great Posts

5 Inexpensive Gifts For Friends and Family – With gift season solidly upon us, it’s good to consider how to meet your gift-giving needs for a small price, as Money Life and More attempts to do.

Five Reasons Home Buyers Need to Get a House Inspection – You shouldn’t buy anything before you know what you’re getting; that’s a major reason to follow the advice from Personal Dividends to get a house inspection.

Nelson Mandela’s Economic Legacy – While helping to end Apartheid is definitely tops on his list of accomplisments, the Weakonomist notes that Mandela had some impressive economic works, as well.

5 Things Keeping Me Sane This Holiday Season – The holidays always get crazy, but you can keep yourself sane with some effort, and some of the tricks that Student Debt Survivor shares.

What Was the Last Thing You Put Up Your Nose? – An amusing post from Frugal Rules, starting with the joy of children and their noses, and eventually covering just about every annoyance imaginable.

Contests and Giveaways

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Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

If you were seeking help keeping your job hunt inexpensive, you could find it on Save Money While Job Hunting: A Few Simple Tips, and get links to those tips in numerous carnivals:

That’s it for me for this week.  I hope that you are having a technical problem free month, and that you all enjoy the weekend (and the rest of the month, for that matter).  Enjoy, and stay happy!

Hopefully your week won't involve so computer troubles...
Hopefully your week won’t involve so computer troubles…

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