Weekly Round-Up: Memorial Day Weekend is Here

It’s time again for Memorial Day.  The unofficial start of summer (and the end of the semester for more than a few schools and colleges), it’s a time when many people are celebrating and partying.  You can’t blame them; the spring weather is warm, sunny, and in general great for a picnic or other sort of party.   Plus, no work on Monday! (If you’re a government worker or financier at least.)

But, while you’re enjoying your Memorial Day celebration, be sure to keep the reason for the celebration in mind.  A lot of people have given their lives in service to the United States over the centuries, about 1,319,729 people total when all conflicts are considered*, and this is when we emphasis the importance of remembering them.  (Which we should do every day, but I understand that that is not always possible, hence the special day to do so.)  Enjoy the day off, the nice weather (hopefully), and everything else the holiday brings, but remember why the holiday is here.  With that said, let’s look at some of the

Great Yakezie Posts

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3 Fun and Frugal Summer Get-Togethers – Fitting when we are talking about how to celebrate Memorial Day, this guide from The Frugal Toad should help you come up with some inexpensive ways to celebrate during the summer.

5 Things to Consider Before Quitting Your Day Job – A lot of people want to end their day jobs and work from home, but there are issues that need to be resolved.  Work Save Live provides five of those issues, to help you plot your escape.

Bucket List Challenge – I have a bucket list, but like many people, I haven’t given much thought to complete the items on said list in the near future.  Buck Inspire, though, has encouraged us to get those goals much sooner, while we have the time.

Contests and Giveaways

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

It was once again an impressive week for The Amateur Financier to be included in carnivals.  Of course, when you have an article as impressive as 7 Things You Can Make Rather Than Buy, I suppose it can be done pretty easily.

That’s it for this week’s round-up.  Here’s hoping you have a great Memorial Day weekend, and do whatever you can to support those whom we are trying to memorialize (as well as those who served and lived).

*I’m not going to get into the politics of these wars in the course of this article.  Mentioning this list  is not an attempt to support or justify all the conflicts listed; between the conflicts with Amerindians, the battles with previous settlers, and the ‘police actions’ of the past half century, there’s a lot of wars that we would probably have been better not fighting.  Regardless of how questionable the actions of the leaders involved might have been, it’s still important to remember the sacrifices of those who risked, and gave, their lives in support of our country.


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