Weekly Round-Up: Maybe I Should Be a Luddite…

For the second time in less than a month, I find myself suffering from some server issues that left my site down for most of yesterday and a goodly chunk of this morning.  I won’t go into the technical details, (I’ve had to deal with technical issues far too much this month) other than to stress to my fellow webmasters the importance of both creating backups of their site, and saving those backups off the servers.  (Or at the least, ensure that said servers have ample disk space for all the backups you make, and delete all the excess backups on a regular basis.)  With all of these issues, I can’t help but think that maybe I would be better off isolating myself from all technology…then I want to watch some TV and read my email, so that feeling disappears pretty quick.

Technical issues aside, it’s actually been a pretty good week; plenty of time with my wife, watching my little baby grow up, and just enjoying life in general.  Granted, when you’re trying to turn your website into a good source of income, having these sorts of technical problems occur on an increasingly common basis is more than a little bit vexing, but still, I’m not doing too badly, all things considered.  On that happy note, how about we get right to the fun stuff, and look at some

Great Yakezie Posts

How My Laziness Cost Me $115 – It’s easy to say ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’; but by the time tomorrow rolls around, you can forget, which Mrs. Money of the Ultimate Money Blog has learned can cost you.

Can’t Find a Paid Internship? Try These Alternatives – While having an internship (and an income) is a good way to get your foot in the door at a company, there are other ways, as laid out on My University Money.

5 Places to Get eBooks for Nook, Kindle, and Other eReaders – I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for books (electronic or otherwise), so I was definitely interested in this article from the Well Heeled Blog.

The Best Gadget I’ve Bought in Years-And It Saves Me Money! – I’ve heard a lot about the Nest Thermostat lately, but it was nice to get an unbiased view from Darwin’s Money on how well the thing really works.

Avoid the Need to Upgrade Gadgets – I fully understand the desire to have the best technology available, but most of the time you can make due with what you have, if you make a few changes such as Prairie Eco-Thrifter suggests.

How Not to Get Into Spending Traps Placed with Reward Cards – It’s easy to get drawn into the concept of credit card rewards, spending more to ‘gain’ more, but it’s not a good idea, as Derek of Life and My Finances notes.

3 Important Financial Numbers for Building Wealth – There’s a lot of math out there, plenty of which is involved with building wealth, but these three laid out by Squirrelers are particularly important.

Giving In Times of Disaster – There are plenty of scams out there that play on your desire to be charitable, so be sure to follow the suggestion Elle of Couple Money gives to avoid being tricked.

Could You Even Imagine Living During the Great Depression? – An interesting question posed by Evan of My Journey to Millions; I’m honestly not sure that I can really imagine living like that, but it is interesting to consider.

Get Your Rant On – Ranting is good for the soul, or something to that effect, so when Kevin of Financially Poor decided to share a series of rants (and encourage you to do the same), I couldn’t help but smile a little.

Other Great Posts

10 Good Reasons to Retire Early – I doubt you need much convincing, but Monevator provides some nice thoughts on the advantages of hanging your hat long before normal.

What Would You Do? Money Left Behind in the Self Checkout Lane – An interesting moral conundrum posed on Clever Dude: If someone left money in the self checkout line at a store, would you take it?

Husband VS Wife: Resolving Disagreements About Money – It can be tough to reach agreements with your spouse on matters of money; one such disagreement (and resolution) is detailed over on Newlyweds on a Budget.

How to Stop Fighting About Money With Your Spouse – On the same note, check out the suggestion from Neal Frankle of Wealth Pilgrim on how to negotiate an agreement that achieves both of your goals.

Now Nutribullet is Threatening to Sue Me… – The life of a blogger can be tricky, even beyond the technical issues; Lazy Man and Money is ‘enjoying’ his second legal battle regarding a blog post, this time for a positive review…

Contests and Giveaways

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

With a new month upon us, I shared my Net Worth for November 2013, and it enjoyed coverage in a number of carnivals this past week, including:

Alright, that’s it for this week.  With everything resolved technically (at least, I hope), my site should be functioning very well, possibly even better than before.  (A man can dream, right?)  Until next week, have a great time, and live well!


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