Weekly Round-Up: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Well, it’s here again.  Valentine’s Day, a day that you either love (if you are in a relationship and expecting to get a nice present or two), hate (if you are single), or dread (if you aren’t good at finding decent presents, or are dating someone who’s not good at finding decent presents).  It’s a holiday that tends to draw strong reactions, mostly good, although there are plenty of people who maintain (not without reason) that it’s a manufactured holiday, designed to steal money from people by getting them to pay inflated prices for things like candy and giant stuffed bears.  Still, if the worst a vast conspiracy to manipulate public opinion can come up with to do with that power is convince us to buy some stuff we (or I, at least) would likely buy anyway, I think we’re doing alright.

So, with all the V-Day well-wishing behind us, let’s get to the true heart of this week’s post: the articles!  Yup, as always, I’m pleased to share some of the great articles that have appeared in the personal finance blogoverse in the past week.  So, without further ado, here we go:

Good Yakezie Posts

What Makes You Happy – An interesting post, from Financial Samurai at Yakezie.com, sharing some of his simple pleasures in life.  If I had to pick out one thing about all the others that made me happy, I’d probably have to say the look on Sondra’s face every time I come home to see her; it’s always filled with love and appreciation.

How to Quit Your Job With Grace – As fun as the fantasy of quitting your job can be (that is, of telling off your boss, storming out of the office, flipping over chairs, knocking over filing cabinets, and passionately kissing your cute co-worker as you head out to a better life), it’s usually good to quit with grace and dignity.  Kevin of Invest It Wisely shows you how (sorry, no storming out allowed).

Would You Pay More For An American-Made Good? – An interesting question, posed by Even of My Journey to Millions.  I like to think that I would, at least in most cases, although I’ll be honest, when I pay attention to the manufacturer’s location at all, I usually don’t let it influence my purchasing decisions.  Perhaps I should, though.

12 Valentine’s Day Dishes – If you want to celebrate the holiday by cooking something special for the woman or man in your life, here’s a list of plenty of good ideas, all courtesy of Briana at 20 and Engaged.  Enjoy the tastiness of Velvet Brownie Bites and After Sex Waffles.

Coffee Talk: Your Tax Return Diary – An interesting hypothetical question posed by Sandy L over at First Gen American, wondering what you tax return says about you and your money priorities.  As I start to fill out my 2011 tax return, I should probably break out my 2010 return and try to see where my priorities stand.

Can Debt Hurt a Relationship? – Yes, yes it can.  I know that this question posed by The College Investor probably should be answered in more detail, but for now, take my word, it can put a strain even on a great relationship.

Where the Amateur Financier was Featured

My book review of Laughing at Wall Street was included in the 54th Totally Money Blog Carnival at Family Money Values, among numerous great sounding articles.

This week’s Yakezie Carnival hosted by 101 Centavos featured a zombie apocalypse theme, which is always entertaining.  Oh, it also featured my article on Getting Ready for College.

That’s all for this week’s round-up.  Have a great week, with a wonderful Valentine’s Day (and recovery days)!

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  1. @Kevin: Hey, let’s be honest, if you’re single and have co-workers whom appeal to your romantic tastes, there’s going to be a fantasy or two going through your head at times. You’re quite welcome, it always nice to include your great articles.

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