Weekly Round-Up: Happy Cinco De Mayo, Everyone!

Here’s hoping everyone is having a happy May 5th!  I don’t know about you, but I’m having a pretty festive weekend.  It’s the first really bright and sunny weekend we’ve seen this season, which means that everyone has been out in full force.  There are multiple picnics going on this week, there are numerous sales going on, and people are out in huge numbers.  As much as I’m glad that there aren’t going to be any more snow storms (probably…), the large crowds are a bit much when I go out shopping.

Getting back to Cinco de Mayo, one of the busiest places I saw while out and about yesterday was a Mexican restaurant that looked downright packed.  Add in the fact that in our household, Cinco de Mayo isn’t a major holiday, and we’ll probably spend most of the day attending our neighbors’ daughter’s 8th birthday party.  After that party, it’ll be back to normal work, including reading through Yakezie articles to find some of the:

Great Yakezie Posts

Should I Sell My Website? Probably Not and Here’s Why – At some point, nearly every blog owner has considered selling their blog.  But the Financial Samurai shares some good advice on why you should hold off in this intriguing Yakezie post.

Is Anyone Stupid Enough to Care if a CEO’s Salary is $1 – While taking a $1 salary is a great way for a CEO to get some attention and positive press, they aren’t really losing much, as Evan of My Journey to Millions notes.

7 Way to Know You’ve Got Too Much Debt – There’s a lot of different ways to gauge your debt and try to determine if you have too much.  Young and Thrifty provides several signs that your debt load is getting far too high.

What is Forex Trading? – There’s a lot of different means of investing (or trading) as the case may be, and here Krantcents covers one of the most speculative: foreign exchange or forex.  Read to learn more.

When to Pull Out of Your Investment – Most investment guides give a lot of advice on how to buy the perfect investment, but tend to provide little (if any) advice on when to sell.  The College Investor seeks to change that, giving some advice on when to pull out of an investment.

Why You Should Be Skeptical of Financial “Rules of Thumb” – There’s only so much you can get from rules of thumb, financial or otherwise.  Prairie Eco-Thrifter notes how they should be merely starting points for your financial planning.

20 Adventure Vacation Ideas: My Top Picks for Fun and Exciting Vacations – There are lots of great places to visit around the world, and here some are good ideas courtesy of Untemplater.

Steps to Start Investing – If you’re ready to get into investing, it can be tempting to just rush right in, but that will likely end with you losing most of your investment.  20’s Finances provides some basics to help you get started in your investing career.

Can Tipping Change a Waiter’s Behavior? – Given how tips are considered little more than a regular requirement of dining out than a reward anymore, I’d say no.  This article on Consumerism Commentary seems to concur.

The Cost of Being Iron Man – Admit it, you’d like to be a superhero, and someone like Iron Man, who depends on science and technology, definitely would be a good modern hero goal.  But as Buck Inspire notes, it’s not cheap.

Contests and Giveaways

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

I like to rant, and this past week it worked out quite well for me.  My rant about the need to Switch Over To The Metric System, Already! was included in a number of carnivals, including:

Alright, that’s about it for now.  Here’s hoping you have a happy Cinco de Mayo, and get to enjoy all kinds of celebratory activities with your friends and family.

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