Weekly Round-Up: Getting Back in the Saddle

There’s quite a lot of things that go through your mind when you have a hospital stay.  From wondering whether you have recovered enough to wondering whether you will suffer a relapse, there’s plenty that goes through your mind, most of which is more than a little beyond your ability to control.

One of the issues that particularly puzzles you is when you’ll be able to get back into the normal pattern of work.  If you’re like me, you’re torn between the desire to take a well-deserved break from the stresses and strains of regular life, and the desire to get back up, reclaim your life, and get back in the saddle.  The problem is that trying to go too far in either direction can prove to be a bad thing; too much rest, and you’ll have that much more to do when you finally are ready to resume your regular life, while getting too deep, too quick can end up provoking the exact issues that laid you up in the first place.

Luckily for me, my timing for my particular issue was pretty darn good (if having seizures can ever be described as good).  It happened right before Spring Break, so I didn’t miss anywhere near as much as I might have missed otherwise.  Still, spending a week with limited mobility (both because it frequently hurt to move, and because I have been banned from driving) did put quite a damper on my productivity, but at least I didn’t miss classes and the labs I teach during that recovery period.

But this week, I need to get back up and moving, especially when it comes to this blog.  I’ve let things slip, both during the accident recovery period and before, and if I hope to turn this blog into a major ‘side-hack’, I need to do much, much better about keeping the ol’ blog posting flowing.  Thanks for understanding as I work to get everything back into prime blogging shape.  And now, on with the blog round-up:

Contests and Giveaways

J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly is having a Video Contest (his third one), allowing you to share your secret of financial success and possibly win $500.  I’ll have to see if the webcam on my relatively new laptop is up to the task, with that kind of money on the line…

You’re probably well aware if you are any kind of regular PF blog reader, but as it is the month of March, there is March Money Madness going on over at Free Money Finance.  I’m not part of it this year, but there are plenty of good posts racing for the top spot (including lots of my fellow Yakezie) and they all could use some help.  Go over

Good Yakezie Posts

How to Promote Yourself Without Being a Douche – Alright, I’d probably include this post just to have an excuse to write that title.  But this article on the Yakezie site from Kevin of Invest It Wisely also provides good advice on how you can generate publicity for your business without drawing plenty of negative attention in the process.

Getting Glamorous for the Big Day — And Recycling Your Look – Being both a guy, and let’s be honest, not the most fashionable guy at that, I’ve never considered much about how to look glamorous; luckily, for a guy it tends to be pretty easy to narrow down the appropriate level of fanciness for a given event and go with that.  For girls, on the other hand, things can be tricky, and there is the push to always be out in a new outfit.  Luckily, 20 and Engaged points out that what you wear on the typical night out can usually be recycled to wedding wear (unless you are the bride, of course).

FREE Personal Finance Assistant Tools – With all the talk of the iPhone-4 and Siri, you might think you need top-of-the-line, near perfect AI to help you (until she gains TRUE intelligence and tries to take over the world, of course).  But as Kay Lynn, the Bucksome Boomer, points out, you can do almost everything Siri can do with less complex, less expensive smartphone apps.

9 Ways to Use Your Money After the Mortgage is Paid Off – It can seem a long, long, LONG way away, but yes, one day you, too, will have your mortgage paid off (at least, if you don’t move every five years and get a new mortgage each time).  Len Penzo covers some of what you can do with the money that had been going to mortgage payment, from investing it to starting a business to even spending it on yourself.  (Hey, they don’t all have to be profitable ideas.)

How to Pick Rich and Successful Friends – As KrantCents points out, one of the best ways to help make yourself rich and successful can be to hang out with those who already are, and learn from them.  Here’s some advice on just how to do that.  (Just make sure you don’t spend too much trying to keep up with the Gateses…)

Unfun Times at the DMV: Things to Do and Bring Before Arriving At Hell! – The Financial Samurai shares one of the worst tales of DMV experiences I’ve heard (or at least, heard lately), before providing some advice on what to do and bring to minimize your own level of discomfort the next time you need to visit possibly the second most unpopular governmental organization (after the IRS, of course).

YOU DON”T NEED THE NEW IPAD – I’ll admit, I’m well behind the technology curve.  While far from living in a cave with no access to technology at all (as you might have noticed from my regular blogging), I haven’t had the newest, hippest technology, well, ever.  So, it definitely makes me feel better when Barbara Friedberg points out that everything that the new iPad can do can also be done cheaper (and in many cases, more efficiently, to boot) by already existing technology, much of which I DO have.  Yay!

Examples of Businesses and Investments Likely to Burst in the Coming Years – Bubbles can form almost anywhere, as long as there are more people investing money (and time) than the market can support, which is quite often.  Evan of My Journey to Millionaires points out some of the areas where we are likely to see a burst in the coming year, from microbrewies to social media services.  (The latter of which, if my inbox is any indication, is well past due for some bursting.)

Alright, that’s enough for now.  Thanks for all the help and useful comments, and hear’s to you all, as I prepare to get back to even better series in the coming months!

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