Weekly Round-Up: Getting a Fresh Start in the New Year

The new year is upon us, and there’s a lot that many of us are trying to get done.  The start of a new year is a big time for people to try to do everything they could hope to achieve, to make the changes they want to change, and generally improve their lives as much as possible.  It’s a common trend, one that nearly everyone has, which is why making and reviewing resolutions is such a common trend at the beginning of January.

I’m definitely part of that trend myself, with plenty of new resolutions to accomplish this year.  This first week has been surprisingly busy for me, working on everything from speeding up this blog (slowly but surely coming along) to keeping up with blog entry reading (I need to get more of that done, though).  Speaking of which, it’s time again to look at some of the best posts from my fellow Yakezie bloggers this past week, starting with the Yakezie page itself:

Great Yakezie Posts

Yakezie 2012 Recap and Goals for 2013 – As I’ve already noted, lots of posts last week used the start of the new year to review goals from the past year and look at possible goals for the new year. The Yakezie did just that, reviewing some of the group’s achievements from the past year and what we (myself definitely included as part of the Yakezie) hope to accomplish this year.

When Life Throws You a Curveball… – There’s a lot that can happen in just a few days, and going through a relationship ordeal can definitely throw you a figurative curveball.  Young and Thrifty shares some things she’s learned from recent events with her significant other during the ordeal, some rather interesting facts that she has learned and wants to share.

 The Debt Movement – $10 Million in 90 Days – With all the resolutions and goals trying to be done in the new year, it takes some really impressive ones to stand out.  This Debt Movement by some of the big names in personal finance blogging to help clear away debt is impressive as just about anything I’ve ever seen.  Hat tip to Elle of Couple Money for letting me know about this.

It’s All Marketing – From getting a job to selling products over the internet, just about every human endeavor requires that you market yourself.  Even something highly illegal, such as moonshine, is dressed up to be more appealing to the would-be customers, as 101 Centavos notes.  It’s all marketing when you come down to it.

10 Things to Do This Year to Help You Build Wealth – With the new year upon us, you need know how to do better financially (those resolutions won’t achieve themselves, after all).  These steps from Squirrelers should help you to make your 2013 a much more productive year when it comes to getting a healthy money supply.

Why I Think We’re Adding The Wrong Jobs – There is a lot of talk about the unemployment levels in the country, but it tends to focus just on the basic numbers.  But everyone being employed doesn’t do much good if they are only working minimum wage.  A Blinkin of Funancials shares some notes about why the improving job numbers might not be as good as they sound.

Confessions of a Deranged Shopaholic – If you are trying to improve your financial situation in life, the necessary first step is to identify your problems and see how you can improve your life by changing.  Aloysa of My Broken Coin shares her shopaholic traits and notes how changing her traits could improve her financial situation.

You Can’t Control Everything About Your Money – There’s a lot of things you can do to help ensure that you have control over your money, but nobody can completely control what happens.  Flexo of Consumerism Commentary shares some the natural and human issues that overtake your plans, and some suggestions on how to add protection to yourself.

How to Prevent Three Common Disastrous Personal Financial Mistakes – It’s easy to make some common mistakes when you are trying to get started organizing your financial situation.  Miss T. of Prairie Eco-Thrifter shares some of the worst mistakes and how to prevent them from happening to you.

Why Term Life Insurance is Your Best Bet – There’s a lot of encouragement to take on whole-life insurance policies, even for infants (I’m onto you, Gerber Grow-up Plan), but in general, term life insurance is the better bet.  Kevin of Faith and Finance shares some of the reasons why, which hopefully you will encourage more term life insurance purchases.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

I’m still looking for a job myself, so it’s nice to see that my article on my 5 Tips to Finding Employment for New Graduates was included in several carnivals.  It was included in the Yakezie Carnival hosted by Your Personal Finance Pro and in the Carnival of Money Pros hosted by Good Financial Cents.  Not a bad set of carnivals.

It’s been a great year for making improvements so far, and there’s lots of things yet to be done to make this website fantastic. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out all these wonderful articles!


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