Weekly Round-Up: First Visit With Santa

So…there’s just about half a week left before Christmas is upon us.  The month has gone by pretty darn quickly.  But there is quite a bit of fun left to be had, particularly for those of us who have a young little child.  For example, there’s Santa, and the visit you can make to Santa with your little ones, like I just did.

Yup, little Elaine had her first visit with Santa this week.  It went pretty well; no crying, no screaming, and no attempts to rip off the poor man’s beard (unlike with mine sometimes).  Granted, she wasn’t very happy about the situation; putting a girl who is barely one year old on a strange man’s lap wasn’t exactly the best way to get her in a pleasant mood.  Her mother managed to do a little peek-a-boo, though, and we got a few cute pictures out of the deal.

That’s been my week.  Luckily, there isn’t much work left towards getting everything ready for the holiday itself; a few more presents, a few more decorations, maybe a mistletoe or two to be displayed.  (Although, since it is only me and Sondra who should be in the house and in a relationship to make out, that might not be appropriate.)  While I’m finishing off my Christmas prep, feel free to check out some of the great articles from the past week, starting with the:

Great Yakezie Posts

4 Cheap Ways to Lose Weight – As I’m sure that plenty of us will need to cut a few calories after the holidays (myself included), these suggestions from Everything Finance are definitely worth considering.

4 Last Minute Christmas Ideas That Don’t Suck – If you’re still looking for Christmas gifts at this point in the season, try checking out this list of ideas on Narrow Bridge Finance.

What Would You Do With $2 Million Dollars? – Not make a tremendous home theatre as the subjects of this Squirrelers’ article did, but if you have the money, I suppose I can’t begrudge you your choice.

The 7 Best Songs About Personal Finance – I’m not sure I agree with the order, but Don’t Quit Your Day Job has a very solid list put down here.

What’s Holding You Back? – There’s a lot you probably hope to accomplish in the coming year, so it’s probably good to review these suggestions from Money Crush before the New Year gets here.

Other Great Posts

An Economist’s Guide to The White Elephant Game – An interesting gift-giving game viewed from an economist’s perspective, as noted by the Weakonomist.

Shocking Teenager Moment: My Son Doesn’t Care About Brand Names – It is quite incredible, but apparently Brock’s son is off to a good start financially, as noted on Clever Dude.

Christmas and the Debt Dilemma – The Christmas season does bring lots of temptation to add lots of debt, but as The Outlier Model notes, you must resist to eliminate your debt properly.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

With a new month came a new Net Worth Update; my December 2013 Net Worth Update was fairly popular and ended up being featured in several different carnivals:

That’s it for this (admittedly short) post this week; I hope that you are ready for Christmas, and are fully prepared for the holiday.  If you have any children, here’s hoping their experiences with Santa went just as well.  Take care, enjoy these articles, and have a great Christmas!

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