Weekly Round-Up: Finish Line In Sight

I’m getting near the end of my educational journey (or at least, this current stage I’m in; I realize that you never really finish learning).  Yesterday, I took the second to last test in what is likely to be the last class I have to take in order to get my Master’s degree in Chemistry. (Unless I go on to get my Ph.D., it’s also likely to be the last formal chemistry class I take, period.)  In theory, by this time next month, I could be preparing to defend my thesis and receive my degree, ready to go out into the real world and make my way in life (to say nothing of providing for my lovely new wife (and an upcoming bundle of joy).

In practice…well, as with so many things in life, it’s not that easy.  Oh, I’ll get through the class well enough, I’m pretty confident on that point.  But my research keeps running into various roadblocks, most of which seem downright insurmountable.   I’ve already made plans to work into the summer, however long it takes, and hopefully I won’t need to spend too long in order to get things finished.

There’s still more than a little way to go to complete things, but I can see where things are heading, and as long as I keep working towards it, I should be able to reach that goal before too long.  And while I work to achieve that goal, I can keep working to build up my blog and improve my standing in the blogverse.  And what better way to do so by sharing some of the great posts from the past week?

Good Yakezie Blog Posts

What is Your Desired Lifestyle? – Quite fitting; it’s sometimes easy to lose track of what we are working to do if we don’t make sure to keep an eye on the bigger picture.  Jeff of Sustainable Life Blog shares a few thoughts on perspective on the Yakezie website, which can hopefully encourage you to design your lifestyle a bit better.

Responding to When Someone Calls You Cheap – If you try to live frugally, you run the risk that the less frugal people around you might call you ‘cheap’.  Luckily, Evan of My Journey to Millions has come up with a creed as a response, a pretty decent way to handle such criticism.

Ew Ew Ew – As frequent readers have probably learned, you can get me to read (and feature) your article if you give it a snappy title.  The one, from Mysti of Digging Out From Our Mess, definitely made me chuckle.  (It’s referring to her encounter with a snake, if you were curious.)

Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Freelancer: How Much Do You Need to Earn? – Many of us want to be able to quite our day jobs.  But before you make that leap, you need to do some major research, and figure out how much you need to earn to match your current income.  Kevin of Invest It Wisely has run the numbers himself, and shares some advice on how to do so.

How to Start Making Passive Income – Ever wonder how to start earning more without having to work longer?  It’s a very popular topic, and if you want some advice on how to get started, Retire by 40 shares some good tips.

5 Examples of When a Good Deal Isn’t Worth the Bother – I suppose I shouldn’t admit this, being a personal finance blogger and all, but often times finding the store that is the least expensive isn’t my highest priority when choosing where to shop.  Money Beagle shares a few situations where he finds himself in the same situation.

Losing a Parent: Are You Ever Prepared? – The answer, without question, is no.  I’ve been lucky enough to not have lost a parent yet, but I can tell you it is something I could never imagine being prepared to face.  My condolences to Kay Lynn on her lose.

Contests and Giveaways

The Two-Year Blogging Celebration by Kevin of Invest It Wisely, where nearly $1200 of prizes are being given away, is still ongoing, with only two weeks left.  Definitely somewhere to apply before it’s too late.

Where the Amateur Financier Was Featured

My article asking Should You Leave Your Child an Inheritance was included in the Greaster Edition of the Financial Simplicity Carnival hosted by Modest Money.

The Carnival of Wealth, Tax Day Edition on Control Your Cash included my post asking Should You Help Pay for Your Child’s College Education, albeit with more discussion of the cost/benefit analysis of various types of degrees than I was expecting.

My thoughts on Thank Goodness for Health Insurance earned a place in the Top Personal Finance Posts – Easter Edition from Personal Finance Whiz .

My thought experiment, asking Just How Many People Need to Work, was included in the Totally Money Blog Carnival #62 – Easter Edition (hey, it’s a popular holiday) hosted by the humorously named Stupid Cents blog

On the track of other carnivals I’ve missed in the past, I shared an article on Finding Ways to Build a Side Income, which was included in the Independence Day Edition of the Yakezie Carnival hosted by Eric of Narrow Bridge Finance last year.  Sorry for the much delayed backlink, Eric!

To quote the great statesman, Porky Pig, ‘Th-Th-Th-That’s All Folks!”  Come back next week for more great links, and I hope, more enjoyment in general.


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