Weekly Round-Up: Family Visits and Pending Babies

This week is a pretty interesting week for me.  With research over and my work on getting a thesis finalized getting further under way, it’s getting to be a busy time.  So, what am I doing this week to further my thesis writing?  (To say nothing of finding a job and increasing my side income via this blog and other side hacks.)  Why, I’m going to visit my mother, my sisters, and the rest of my family on the other side of the state!  While this probably seems like (and, if I am honest, likely will be) a pretty big distraction from my work and writing requirements, there is a method behind the madness.  I love my mother and the rest of my family, after all, and it will be nice to see them after the nearly five months since we last had time together.

Plus, I’m not going to be the prime attraction of this visit; since Sondra is currently pregnant and my family is obsessed with babies, she is likely to get much more attention than me this trip.  Before the week is out, I’m sure she will be oohed and aahed over plenty of times, and if I’m sneaky enough, I might even be able to sneak away and get some things done as the questions about the baby start to overwhelm her.  (I’m kidding, of course; I won’t be able to get anything done, it’ll purely be me helping Sondra handle all my baby-crazed relatives to the best of our combined ability.  Although, if I am quiet enough…)

But, I suppose I shouldn’t count on being able to do things like that, and instead, just try to get done what I can get done, both when it comes to my thesis and to my blog.  In that spirit, here are some of the great posts from around the internet over the past week:

Great Yakezie Posts

How to Create a Simple Retirement Plan – Retirement planning is very important to, well, anyone who doesn’t want to spend the rest of their life working.  The Accumulator on Monevator shares some of the steps, as well as a cute cartoon illustration diagramming the progress of growing your money over the decades.

$1000 Challenge and August Goals – No, this is not a contest or giveaway; instead, it’s Em expressing (on My Journey to Millions) her desire to come up with an extra $1000 in the month of August.  I’m certainly trying to come up with an extra $1000 (or more) myself, so it’s good to know that I’m not the only one trying to do so.  Go, Em!

8 Ways to Save Money on Shoes – You might not think it, but you will spend a great deal on shoes over the course of your life.  If you take some of the advice shared on Squirrelers, you can potentially save a great deal over the coming years, without having to go barefoot for the rest of your life.

When Is It Time To Quit? Why I Gave Up My Dreams – It’s easy to get obsessed with pursuing your passion at times; as much as I like blogging, there are times when I devote too much effort (and time) to it for the results that I get, to negative effect when it comes to my wife.  As this article on Untemplater notes, sometimes it’s best to keep your passions as hobbies, not as a part-time job.

Is Customer Service Still a Thing?  WHERE IS IT? – I’ve had more than a few bad customer service incidents myself lately, and can’t help but sympathize with Andrea of So Over This.  I’m not sure when customer service disappeared from the American landscape, although it definitely seems to have been when I much younger.  Note to entrepreneurs: stores that focus on customer service would be incredibly successful, even if their prices were slightly higher.

How to Manage Multiple Online Businesses: Streamlining Your Accounting – If you’re thinking about trying build an online empire, it’s good to know how to simplify your accounting, both to keep your mind intact and potentially to hire help.  Sunil of The Extra Money Blog shares some advice on keeping your accounting as simple as possible, even with multiple online businesses. as well as how to find some help in the accounting area.

High or Low, Gas Prices Stink Either Way – It’s a tough one, as Money Beagle notes, which I’ll admit; high prices annoy consumers, but low prices indicate that the economy is having trouble.  I’d much prefer not seeing the gas prices go any higher (and possibly even decrease), but that’s just me: putting my desires above the level of the economy.

Avoiding Buying Timeshares on Vacation – I’d go a step or two further, and say that you should avoid buying timeshares in general; they are one of the very few universally opposed investment options out there.  But as noted by Junior Boomer on Consumer Boomer, your judgement is likely to be particularly poor when you are on vacation, so you should steel yourself beforehand.

Contests and Giveaways

There is still the contest over Live Like a Mensch , where you can encourage Emily to run and possibly win an Amazon gift card.  Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

A copy of The Millionaire Mind is up for grabs courtesy of The Girl Next Door’s Guide to Finance.  Read, comment, enter, and (possibly) win by next Sunday.

Making Sense of Cents is celebrating one year of blogging with a very impressive giveaway between now and August 31st.  With how much swag is available to be won, it must have been a very impressive year, indeed.

On the subject of blogiversaries, Master the Art of Saving is celebrating its second year with a giveaway, ending September 6th.  Lots of people apparently started blogging in Augusts past, it seems.

Martin of Start Freelancing Now is Calling You Out, and Offering Free Money; the latter part, at least, should draw some of your attention, as he’s offering $100 to the best freelancing proposal that he receives.  If you ever wanted to strike out on your own, here’s the chance to get a boost in your starting income.

That’s all the giveaways on my radar for now; as always, if you have any you’d like me to promote, please drop me a line and I’ll be sure to pass along the information to my readers (whom I’m sure would love the chance to win).

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

My post at the end of last month on Retooling Your Job Hunt was included in the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #44 hosted by Money Counselor,  the Carnival of Money Pros- The Summer Olympic Edition, and the 31st Edition of the Carnival of Retirement hosted by Debt Black Hole.

I (and that very same article) was also included in the Nerdy Finance #5 carnival hosted by NerdWallet (as if there was any doubt I could be included;  I am  huge nerd, after all); in the Mars Rover Curiosity, Happy August, and a Finance Carnival held by Wealthy Artisan; the Weekend Ramblings – Mandarin and Chinese Domination Edition from Young and Thrifty; and of course, including in the Yakezie Carnival – Rescue Edition from See Debt Run.

That’s it for now; thanks for sharing so many great blog entries, and here’s hoping I can pull myself away from my family long enough to read more of them in the near future.  Have a great week, everyone!

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