Weekly Round-Up: Enjoying the Fourth with My Family

Ah, the Fourth of July has come and gone again, and we are in the holiday weekend.  It’s a fun time, as always, but this year my mother and sister are visiting, which complicates the whole situation significantly.  (As a side note: It’s interesting that my mother has come to visit more often in the past seven months (aka, since my lovely daughter was born) than in the previous three years.  But I’m sure that increase in visits has nothing to do with my mother wanting to see my baby daughter more than me…)

So, in case you were wondering what I was up to this weekend, that would be it.  Spending time with both my mother and my daughter is a fun time.  Here’s hoping you have a good Fourth of July weekend, and are able to spend it with your family.  Here’s also hoping you have the chance to read some great blog articles during the weekend, including the following:

Great Yakezie Posts

How Do You Measure Success? – How do you know if you’ve achieved success if you’ve never sat down to consider what success means to you?  That’s the question posed by Joe Plemon at Personal Finance by the Book, and it’s definitely good to consider as you plan your future.

5 Financial Lies People Tell Themselves – There are a lot of ways we delude ourselves about our financial future, and here Squirrelers lays out five of them.  I’ll admit, I’ve been guilty of more than one of these, although I’m trying to master the truth about money…

Creative Funding Ideas For Your Small Business – It can be tough to get the money to fund a small business, particularly if you go through the typical routes.  However, as Barbara Friedberg lays out, there are ways to get the money you need without having to beg a bank for the cash.

Why I Cancelled Mint.com – It’s sometimes tough to balance the convenience of using Mint (and similar services) to monitor your financial accounts with the risk that someone could use Mint as a key to getting access to those accounts.  Young and Thrifty decided that the latter was too great, and lays out the argument here.

Why Do We Discredit Other People’s Achievements? – Rather than celebrate what other people have managed to do with their lives, we often tear them down.  Financial Samurai notes that most people who are successful deserve that success, and we should be celebrating them, rather than ragging on them.

Other Great Posts

Getting Rid of Books – I know, I know, I was horrified at the title, too.  But Jacob of Early Retirement Extreme isn’t talking about getting rid of all his books (and definitely not all books in general), just the means of handling the many books that he has acquired, to keep from being overwhelmed.

“For 80% of Investors, There is One Factor That Determines Whether They Obtain Good Results or Not & It is a Factor to Which They Pay Close to Zero Attention.” – Want to know what that factor it is?  Check out this article from Rob on A Rich Life.

How Not to Suck as a Party Host – I know that the Fourth of July is already past, but there are always more parties coming up.  Jana of Daily Money Shot shares some methods of keeping your parties enjoyable and entertaining.

Contests and Giveaways

Alas, my giveaway has come and gone, and if you weren’t contacted already, you weren’t one of the winners.  Luckily, I will have more giveaways in the future; in the meantime, check out these giveaways to give yourself a chance for big winnings:

  • Summer Kindle Fire Giveaway – Probably the biggest contest currently ongoing (that I’m aware of, anyway), The Frugal Toad is giving away a Kindle Fire, and you can enter until July 10th (this Wednesday) for a chance to win.
  • Tour de Personal Finance – Much as the Tour de France is a marathon, the Tour de Personal Finance on  My Personal Finance Journey is just getting started.  Be sure to go and vote!
  • Wad O’Cash and a Camera – This one’s definitely unusual: Take Our Stuff is offering a camera worth $250 AND $500 in cash, but (a) the money can only be spent on something fun (no saving it or putting it into a Roth), and (b) the camera must be used to document said fun thing and put the pictures up on Facebook.  Crazy, but hey, there are worse prizes out there.

As always, if you know of any other giveaways, or would like me to promote one of yours, let me know and I’ll include it in my next Round-Up.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

While it wasn’t technically my post, the article about 15 Ways Companies Have Raised a Buzz in Marketing was still pretty neat, and was featured in several carnivals:

Alright, that’s it from me this week, here’s hoping you all have a good Fourth of July Weekend.  (Also, in case you haven’t already, be sure to add The Amateur Financier feed to a non-Reader RSS reader, as Google ended Reader as of Monday.)

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