Weekly Round-Up: Economics Rap Battle

One of the advantages of being a blogger is that information has a tendency to come to you.  If you write interesting posts and develop enough of a following, people start to share interesting posts related to what you write about.   It’s kind of neat to see the economics related stuff that I’d never have found on my own that’s been brought to my attention through comments on this blog.

As you might guess, I bring all this up because I want to share something that was mentioned in a comment.  Since I spent all last week discussing various types of economic theories, I suppose it might have been inevitable that someone (in this case, Chris from the Martial Development blog) would send me a link to a rap battle between Keynes and Hayek.  It’s hilarious and illustrates some of the differences between Keynesism (as exemplified by Keynes, obviously) and the Austrian School (that’d be Hayek) in their approach the economy.  Also, did I mention that it’s hilarious?  Check it out; and while you do, be sure to check on some of these snazzy posts that went up while I was down in Philadelphia:

Good Yakezie Posts

Retirement Alphabet Soup – A good, if short introduction to sorting out the number of retirement account types available.  I’d add a recommendation to keep at least some of your retirement money in a traditional account rather than all Roth style accounts, but you’ll hear a variety of opinions on that point.

Make Extra Money – An interesting list of potential sources of money.  A few are only for women (selling Avon products, for example), but most are pretty good for us guys, as well, and it’s always nice to have a plan B to keep the income flowing.

365 Days of World Domination – I don’t often include anniversary posts in my round-up, but Punch Debt in the Face did such a good job (and managed to go through the usual information on display during an anniversary post with such humor) that I just couldn’t resist.  Good job, and here’s to many more years to come!

The Best Debt Everyone Should Have and Never Pay Off – No, not mortgages, student loans or that debt to Vinnie “The Knee Breaker”; rather, it’s the ‘continuing debt to love one another.’  A very sweet (and Bible based) notion.

What Is a Power of Attorney? – A good explanation of a concept I’ve only heard tossed around on various Law & Order episodes, as well as some reasons why it’s important.  Good advice for anyone with family they wish to protect upon their passing.

Investing Young Isn’t Best – An interesting counterpoint to one of the most commonly cited pieces of investment advice (to start as young as possible).  Too often, we focus on the time value of money argument and forget that investing is not in every young person’s interest, all of the time.

Verify Your Checks Before You Deposit – An excellent guide to what to look for on checks you’re going to deposit to ensure that they don’t get returned to you. The DDAMP method sounds like a pretty good way to remember everything you need to check.

The Ripples of Giving – A great guest post on giving to others, how it can affect you, and the way in which giving can ripple outward.  An excellent, inspiring post.

Combat the Closing Techniques-The Fear Close – Another week, another closing technique conquered.  Here, learn how to fight those who prey on your fears to sell their products.

Where The Amateur Financier Has Been Featured

Not too many places last week (too much time preparing for or taking a trip, I suppose), but as usual, I was included in the Yakezie Weekly Carnival, this time hosted by Cool to Be Frugal.  Go, Yakezie!

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