Weekly Round-Up: Darn Those Pingbacks!

One of my favorite activities is reading; it has been ever since I was a kid, when I would rather be inside reading than playing outside.  As I’ve gotten older (and technology has gotten more advanced), I’ve shifted away from doing most of my reading via books to reading online.  That’s only increased further with starting my blog, given that I was inspired by some of the blogs I had been reading before I began.

One of my main motivations for these weekly round-ups (besides trying to suck up to my fellow bloggers and hopefully get them to link back to me more often, as well), is to share some of the other thought provoking blog work going on around the World Wide Web.  It’s always nice to be able to read other blogger’s posts and pass them on to my readers as well.

Unfortunately, my pingback system seems to be on the fritz, which is causing me more than a little consternation.  For those of my readers who aren’t bloggers (which, to judge from the comments, seems to be about four, maybe five of you), a pingback is basically an automated message my blog sends to any other blogs to whom I link, letting them know that, well, I linked to them.  This saves me from having to manually send out an email to every blogger I include in these round up posts, while still letting them know that I have referenced them in some way (and that perhaps they could consider linking back to me).

At least, that’s what’s supposed to happen; instead, I seem to be cursed, and all but unable to get the pingbacks to work properly.  It doesn’t help matters that I am not the most technically adept person in the world; I honestly know more about how bacteria work than about computers.  (You might thusly ask, ‘Why did you opt for a source of side income that requires you to use a computer regularly, then?’  The answer is that it’s easier to make extra money blogging than by genetically engineering bacteria; at least, if you don’t want to resort to holding countries hostage with your superbugs super villain style.)

All of this is to say, I have been doing my best to spread the word about some of my favorite bloggers (particularly my fellow Yakezie members), but I might have slipped below most people’s radars.  I’m going to try my darnedest in the future to contact all the bloggers I link to, so that they know that I’ve mentioned them (and again, can consider mentioning me in return; while far from the only reason I link to other bloggers, I’ll be honest, it would be nice to get more incoming links).

So, with no further ado, here are few of the good posts from my fellow Yakezie members this past week.  Read, enjoy, and of course, share your thoughts with all of them.  (Note: my steady readers will notice that I’m not leaving comments about the entries I include.  This isn’t because I don’t want to comment, but it makes the list less cluttered, and since it’s hard to say something meaningful about a post in a sentence or two, I’ve decided to focus my commentary on comments on the blog entries themselves.  I still love all the blogs I follow just as much as I always have.)

Good Yakezie Posts

How Much Should You Fear Inflation? from Monevator

Pay Off the Mortgage Early from Mrs. Money

Mark Cuban is Dead Wrong – Diversification Matters from Darwin

9 Tips for Tax Time That Will Save You Expensive Laser Wrinkle Removal from Ann Smarty

How Moe Broke Out of His Rut from Joe Plemon

You Shouldn’t Complain About Money If You Do This… from Evan

How to Cope With Buyer’s Remorse from Barb Friedberg

Who Needs a Mortgage When There Are Free Homes? from Ryan

The Lesser of Two Evils: Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation? from Little House

How to Find a Good Financial Advisor from Youngandthrifty

Where the Amateur Financier was Featured

The 24th Carnival of Wealth included the guest post I hosted, 8 Ways Being Green will Save You Green

That’s it for now; although, if any of my fellow bloggers have suggestions on a solution to my pingback problem, I’d love to hear; it’s tough trying to figure out what to do when you still have so much to learn about blogging.

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  1. @Little House: Well, that’s good; it’s nice to know that at least some people were informed of their inclusion. I suppose I need to be more conscientious about alerting people I include (and responding to comments on my posts…)

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