Weekly Round-Up: Continued Job Hunting

Well, it’s good news, bad news time again.  The good news is that my blog is steadily growing, my health is still good, and my fiancee still loves me.  (At least, the diabolical laughter as she tries to tickle me silly seems to indicate love…)  In short, life isn’t half bad for ol’ Roger.

The bad news, I’m still unemployed.  I heard back last week that I didn’t get the job I interviewed for a few weeks ago (which I thought was fairly certain, but apparently misread).  I’m trying to stay optimistic and to keep looking for something even better, but it is a bit disheartening.

Luckily, I still have many sources of joy in my private life, not the least of which is reading through great personal finance blog entries.  Speaking of which, here are some of the ones I likes from this past week:

Good Yakezie Posts

Couple Money Netbook Giveaway – I have a bad habit of not sharing these contests before it’s too late (and sometimes, not entering them myself) so let’s get this out of the way first: Couple Money is giving away a net book to celebrate six months of blogging.  Comment, tweet, and post links by Friday for a chance to win one of the best prizes I’ve seen for these types of giveaways.

TurboTax Promotion and Giveaway for 2009 Taxes – Crikey, another one, this time from Evan of My Journey to Millions (which, if I haven’t mentioned it already, is a pretty cool blog name), who’s giving away some tax preparation software.  If you’ve been slacking a bit on your taxes, consider this your opportunity to make up some time.

Capitalism: A Love Story DVD Review and Giveaway – Yes, one more giveaway that’s still going strong; this time Financial Samurai is giving away some copies of Michael Moore’s latest movie.  An interesting sounding movie, if more likely to enrage than enlighten most of you reading this.

Garbage City – Now That’s Entrepreneurism – Showing that one man’s trash is indeed another man’s treasure, the Garbage City in Cairo sounds simply amazing (as do the people working hard to make a life in its midst).

Why It’s Frugal to Live in Arkansas – Part of a series highlighting some of the hidden frugality to be found in each state of the union.  Arkansas looks like a surprisingly attractive place to retire, with no taxes on Social Security benefits.

Spend & Save: Where Do You Use Your Money? – As always, it’s nice to see where others prioritize their spending, saving, and other money uses.  Personally, I’ve been trying to put a higher priority on savings, but with no job at the moment and household expenses not holding still, that’s a bit tough right now.

The Dark Side of Frugality-Losing Your Integrity – It’s sometimes a fine line between thrifty practices and outright theft; buying clothing, wearing it for a month and then returning them falls in the latter category (not to mention it being a very disturbing habit).

Is Traveling Worth Your Money? – An interesting question; many personal finance bloggers seem to rail against buying material goods while giving travel expenses a free pass.  Is the (hopefully unique) experience really worth our time and money?

Cash And Your Portfolio – A nice reminder that cash, while frequently a ‘holding place’ for money you’re going to invest (or money you have socked away in an emergency fund), does actually have a very important and salient purpose in your portfolio.

7 Stupidest Tax Mistakes to Avoid – Nobody finds a visit from the IRS relaxing (well, maybe a masochist…), so making sure to avoid these mistakes is a good start to getting your taxes done correctly.

Yakezie Carnival Round-Up

It occurred to me this weekend that I haven’t been listing any of the great Yakezie Carnivals in my lists of where my blog has been featured.  To make up for that oversight, here’s the first four Yakezie Carnivals (all of which include one article from yours truly):

Yakezie Carnival 1, from Jeff of Deliver Away Debt

Yakezie Carnival 2, from CJ Bowker

Yakezie Carnival 3, from Daniel of Sweating the Big Stuff

And most recently, Yakezie Carnival 4, hosted by Greg (The Lean Life Coach) on Eliminate the Muda

Thanks to all those who have hosted, and good luck to all my fellow Yakezie Members!

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