Weekly Round-Up: Black Friday Recovery

Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone, as well as another Black Friday.  I hope that if you did any shopping, you made sure to stay safe and healthy while doing so.  I tried to share some advice on doing so, but how much that actually helped is a whole other issue.  I hope that regardless of the general behavior of people throughout the country when it comes to frantic shopping, you managed to stay sane.

As for me, I spent Black Friday at home, watching a recording of the parade with my family, eating leftovers and generally having a nice relaxed time.  No shopping craziness, no fighting people through lines in order to get to items on 80% discount, and no little old ladies crushing of my body for the last mixer on sale.  All in all, a pretty good Black Friday from my perspective.  The time I did spend with my family was time that I didn’t end up spending blogging, though, so I’m a little bit behind when it comes to reading (and posting about) all the blogs out there, so bear with me as I as share some of this past week’s

Great Yakezie Posts

Are Your Holiday Gift Habits Costing You Too Much Money? – A short review of some of the habits that you should shake  to save cash this Christmas published on Yakezie.com by Untemplater.

Why I’m Not Signing Up for Obamacare – The short version from Sandy of Yes, I Am Cheap is that it is unaffordable, but this article is one of the best personal looks I’ve seen regarding attempted sign-ups.

10 Quotes I Think Are Important – I’m a fan of quotations (as you probably guessed), so it was interesting to read through these quotations that stuck with Krantcents.

The Most Important Black Friday Shopping Tip – There’s a lot of advice that was available for Black Friday, but this suggestion from Squirrelers should help you throughout the year.

Were Savings Account Returns Ever High? – An interesting look at the history of bank accounts and the interest rates they provide, courtesy of Barbara Friedberg.

What Makes You Feel Wealthy? – There’s lots of debates about what constitutes wealth, and here Prairie Eco-Thrifter shares some thoughts on this tricky concept.

The Top 10 Money Tips for College Students – There are a lot of things that college students (and everyone, really) should learn about money, but The College Investor has distilled it down to ten points

How Mobil Banking Can Help You and the EnvironmentSustainable Personal Finance shares a reminder about how using technology can help you save time, money, and the environment, to boot.

Secrets Your Financial Advisor Should Tell You – Here The Financial Blogger provides several things that you should know before taking someone’s advice when it comes to your money.

Lincoln’s Proclamation of Thanksgiving – It’s worth remembering just what our Thanksgiving holiday was actually created to celebrate, as Tim of Faith and Finance shares here.

Other Great Posts

A Libertarian Pushing for Higher Minimum Wages? – It probably sounds like complete insanity, but as the Weakonomist notes, it does have some logic behind it.

A Mortgage Is Money Rented From a Bank – You commonly hear from PF writers that paying rent is wasted money, but few people take Monevator’s view when it comes to your mortgage funds.

One Simple Question That Could Change Your Life – A little bit of philosophy, reminding you to look at the big picture as you go through life, courtesy of Brock the Clever Dude.

If You Could Go Back In Time… – I’m definitely digging the advice that LaTisha of Young Finances would tell her younger self: don’t mess up your life for a T-Shirt.

Lazy Man’s “Guide” to Black Friday – I’m with Lazy Man on this one: I’m upset that Thanksgiving seems to have been replaced by Black Friday as the biggest November holiday.

Contests and Giveaways

As always, if you’ve got a contest and/or giveaway going on and want me to help promote it, just drop me a line.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

Sometimes the basics are the best; I wrote an article on 3 Big Advantages of Using Savings Accounts, and was featured in numerous carnivals:

Alright, that’s about it from me for now.  Here’s hoping you had a wonderful (and not overwhelming) holiday weekend, and that you get all of your shopping done in the near future, if you aren’t lucky enough to have finished it already.  Have a wonderful week!

Here's hoping you've cut down on your leftovers...
Here’s hoping you’ve also cut down on your leftovers…
Image Source: Wikimedia

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