Weekly Round-Up: Anniversary Time (Wedding, Not Blog)

It was pretty busy this last week.  (Hence the much, MUCH fewer-than-normal number of posts.)  I spent most of it on the opposite side of the state with my family, which was fun, but definitely limited my time online (not that I’ve been spending an insane amount of time online, but I digress).  Then I came home, and it was anniversary time!  Not my blogging anniversary (that was last month), but my wedding anniversary.  It’s been a wild two years (some of the craziest years of my entire life, in fact), but I would never want to go through it with anyone else by my side.

Follow that up with St. Patrick’s Day, a pediatrician appointment, and life in general just being, well, as busy as life in general tends to be, and you might be able to guess why my ‘weekly’ round-up is appearing half a week late (and looking a little slim).  I’m hoping that now that I’ve handled everything (for a little while, at least), I’ll be able to get things back to normal, publication-wise.  For now, though, let’s enjoy some good financial posts, namely these:

Great Yakezie Posts

How to Survive on Minimum Wage – If you are only making minimum wage, life is going to be tough, but as Derek from Life and My Finances notes, it IS possible to get by.

6 Steps to Help You Earn a Prosperous Retirement – On the other end of things, if you are hoping to have a good retirement, these tips from Squirrelers should help you along.

Why Most People Should Be In Favor of the Federal Estate Tax – It’s a bit more technical than most posts I list, but Evan of My Journey to Millions explains, and defends, the estate tax rather well.

Budgets and Diets Are a Waste of Time! – This title should probably add ‘without careful planning’, but that doesn’t have quite the impact that Krantcents was going for, I imagine.

Do This One Thing Before You Get Into Multi-Level Marketing – I’d probably add ‘do a LOT of research’, but this advice from Out of Debt Again is pretty solid.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

My post on How You Should Handle Receiving a Large Sum of Money turned out to be fairly popular with carnivals this past week, including:

Alright, that ends this particular round-up.  Here’s hoping you’ve had an excellent weekend (and then some), and that you were able to spend it with people that you love.  See you next weekend (and hopefully before)!

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