Weekly Round-Up: An Unhappy Puppy

As I’ve noted before, I have little puppy.  Well, he’s nearly six years old now, so he’s pretty well middle-aged as dogs go.  Still, as he’s a toy fox terrier, he’s not the biggest of dogs (at 22 pounds (~10 kg), he’s overweight), and so I still refer to him as a puppy, and he’s definitely little.  He’s my little pet, and I love him dearly.

Lately, though, he’s been rather aggressive, starting to growl when he is petted on the rump, at least by me.  We took him in to the vet, both for that and for his yearly shots (rabies and so forth), but she couldn’t figure out whether it was something physical, as he was being exceptionally angry about being muzzled and held down by the vet’s assistant.  (The rectal thermometer didn’t help.)

We have pain killers, to help determine if he simply got himself hurt in the rump.  If that’s the case, things will be alright once he heals (and there is some precedent for this, as he was aggressive when he hurt his leg a few months ago).  If it’s a psychological or mental thing, it could be trickier.  Particularly with a seven-month-old in the house, one who likes to pet said dog (that is, grab his hair and any other available part of his anatomy), things get very troublesome if he’s not going to stop in the near future.

Alright, that’s quite a lot to share, particularly at the start of a round-up post.  I appreciate you, my readers, giving me a chance to get all this off of my chest.  Now that I’ve done so, how about we get to the fun part of this post, checking out some of the great posts from this past week, starting with the

Great Yakezie Posts

It (Still) Doesn’t Make Sense to Buy Used – It’s practically PF law that buying a used car is better than new.  Over on Money Mamba, though, there’s a pretty good argument for buying new.

How to Trick Yourself into Saving – Alas, most people have trouble getting themselves to save their money.  On Life and My Finances, there is some advice on how to ‘trick’ yourself into saving money.

5 Advantages to Building a Freelance Business in School – If you have free time in college (and you should have some, without too much partying), starting a business is a good plan, as noted by My University Money.

Is Free Tuition Worth 24 Years of Bondage? – Oregon is debating a new program to help college students avoid student loans.  The College Investor notes there are some problems, though.

College Degrees Are Sometimes Bullshit – College degrees aren’t all they’re cracked up to be in the modern world.  Yes, I Am Cheap covers some of the reasons why.

Making Money on Market Overreactions: The Twinkie Example – If you take advantage of how people tend to, well, panic at bad news, you can make money, as Squirrelers notes.

Moving? 7 Tips to Keep Your Wallet Full – You’re going to need to move at least a few times in your life (unless you live with your mom forever).  Crystal of Budgeting In The Fun Stuff provides some ways to keep the costs low.

Is There Someone For Everyone? Finding Love In Chaos – Love is a tricky thing, even trickier than money.  The Financial Samurai discusses reasons why people have trouble finding love.

Other Great Posts

The Privacy vs. Frugality Debate: Saving Money Costs You – Increasingly, you can get tremendous discounts by giving up personal info.  PT Money asks, is this a fair trade?

Résumé Tips and Tricks – If you’re job hunting, a good résumé is a must, but they can be hard to create (trust me, I know).  Free Money Finance provides tips on résumé creation and use in job application.

This Is Financial Innovation – Ever consider selling a share of your house?  As the Weakonomist notes, you might have the opportunity to sell (and buy) equity in homes in the near future.

Saving Money At Amusement Parks – With summer upon us, amusement park attendance is in full swing.  This post from Mrs. Frugal Rules should help you visit while not spending too much.

7 Athletes That Ended Up Stinking Rich – While we tend to focus on the athletes who blow their millions (liking to watch others mess up, I guess) this article from Thirty Six Months notes that some end up fabulously wealthy.

Contests and Giveaways

  • Millionaire by Thirty Book Giveaway – The Lazy Man’s Mega Book Giveaway has begun, so if you can leave a great comment of this book by July 21st (tomorrow) over on Lazy Man and Money, you’ll have the chance to win the book and write a view of your own.
  • Wad O’Cash and a Camera – Take Our Stuff is still offering a camera worth $250 AND $500 in cash to anyone who can spend the money on fun stuff, and also have a giveaway for a secret safe.  The former ends on July 31st, the latter on July 30th, just in case you are curious.
  • Two $10 Starbucks Cards – If you happen to be a coffee fan, you’ll have the chance to get some for free (admittedly, not much, at Starbucks’ prices) by entering the contest over at Surviving and Thriving.
  • $480 Cash Giveaway! – 724 Credit is holding a major giveaway, which you can enter at numerous places, including Young Adult Money.  Somehow it managed to escape my attention up until now, so you only have until tomorrow (July 21st) to enter for a chance to win.
  • Friday Giveaway Round-Up – 147 Giveaways – Also on Young Adult Money is a weekly round-up of giveaways ending in the next week, for anyone who wants to see the giveaways that are ending soon.  Here’s 147 that will end by next Friday.

As always, if there are any other contests I’ve missed, particularly any that aren’t included in Young Adult Money’s Round-Up, please let me know!

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

That’s it for this week.  Next week, I’ll be heading back to the vet to follow up on the pain killer treatment, and figure out how to proceed with my dog’s condition, whatever condition that turns out to be.  Here’s hoping there will be positive information to share this time next week, along with another collection of great posts!

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