Weekly Round-Up: Almost There…

Welcome to the nearly finished, almost completely redesigned The Amateur Financial!  You might recall from last week’s Weekly Round-Up that I’ve been in the process of doing a thorough overhaul of my blog.  It’s been going well, overall; the site is looking pretty sweet, it’s running at a good speed (much better than before, at least, although I’m hoping to make it faster still…), and in general, it’s in pretty excellent shape. The only thing left is tweaking a few little things here and there.  I’ve added a new header, I’ve put up a new favicon (if you look closely, you can see that the little money bag has an ‘A’ and an ‘F’ on it for Amateur Financier; neat, hunh?), and have been making sure that the ads that show up are appropriate for my readers.  This should all be completed before the end of the month, aka, Monday.  (Amazing how quickly these months roll by, isn’t it?)  While you’re waiting for me to finish up, why not check out some of the great articles on other blogs out there, starting with some

Great Yakezie Posts

RB40’s Exit Strategy Post Mortem – It’s always good to plan ahead, even beyond when you die, and here Retire by 40 shows just how to do so. 25 Things You Can Do With Your Baby That Doesn’t Cost A Lot – Babies can be expensive, but if you want to have fun with your baby inexpensively, check out this list from Prairie Eco-Thrifter. 9 College Majors You Should Consider for Potential Career Opportunities – While not your only consideration, as The College Investor notes, you should look into your job opportunities with your chosen college major. Why You Should Organize a Clothing Swap – If you need new clothing and have some of your own you would like to give to others, Young and Thrifty suggests a method to do so. 17 Tips for Coping with Money and Life Problems – There are always problems with money in your life, so Barbara Friedberg shares some ways to handle them as best you can. 7 Tips to Find the Right Life Insurance Policy – There are lots of things to consider when getting life insurance, and here Sustainable Life Blog lays several of them out for readers. 12 Pitfalls That Hurt First-Time Home Buyers – There are plenty of issues that you need to handle when buying a home, and here American Debt Project lays them out.

Other Great Posts

6 More Ways to Improve Your Finances – There are lots of things you can do to make your money situation better; My Dollar Plan lays out a half-dozen of them here. 10 Ways the Sons of Anarchy Are Frugal – While not the best role models in most ways, apparently the Sons of Anarchy can teach you to save money, as I Pick Up Pennies notes. I Hate Paying For Things I Don’t Use – There’s a lot of things that you can end up paying for but not using (gym memberships being a prime example), as Punch Debt in the Face notes.

Contests and Giveaways

As always, I’m more than happy to enter any contests and withhold all knowledge share them with my readers, so please drop me a line if you know of any that are currently ongoing.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

My advice to would-be online entrepreneurs, 5 Starting Steps in Creating a Business Website, was featured in several carnivals:

Alright, that’s it for now.  I’ve got to make some more tweaks before I truly call this revamp done.  (Getting appropriate ads is a big one; it’s amazing the ads that Google includes by default…)  Here’s hoping everyone has a great time next week, and that you’ll swing by again when everything is completely finished!

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