Weekly Round-Up: Alexa Challenge Heats Up!

As you’re probably more than aware by now, I’m participating in Financial Samurai’s Alexa Challenge in an attempt to boost my blog’s visibility and influence.  I’m proud, if a bit surprised, to say that in the course of less than a week, my ranking has gone from roughly 515,000 to a little more than 393,000, a jump of nearly 118,000 ranks.  If I keep up this pace, I’ll meet my original goal of breaking 200,000 by the end of the month!

Admittedly, the higher I climb in the ranks, the more intense the competition becomes; it’s like going from the minor leagues into the majors, you just find yourself facing tougher and tougher opponents the higher you go.  Additionally, as Financial Samurai notes, the challenge increases as time goes on.  The goal of 200,000, once a ranking that put you amongst the top one hundred personal finance bloggers in the world, is no longer enough.  (FS also made mention of these very round-up posts, which was certainly a nice gesture.)

All the more reason to work even harder, to do whatever I can to improve my image amongst other bloggers, and to promote the heck out of them in hopes that they will do the same.  On that note, let’s get to the real fun of these round-ups; great posts from other bloggers:

Good Yakezie Posts

CARD Act: Credit Card Reform Act of 2009 – A great list of all the changes to credit card law brought about by the CARD act that recently put into place, one that puts even mine to shame.

Why Does Joe Public Love Sweatshops? – Not just getting the products from them, but the idea of working in them.  I think it’s nostalgia for an older, simpler (although also dirtier, more exhausting, and more painful) time.

Why Does Everyone Hate on Financial Planners? – My guess: a combination of anger at the corrupt ones (who are a small percentage of the whole, I might add) and feelings that they (the public, not the planners) should be able to handle their own money without help.

Combat the Closing Techniques – The Power of Suggestion – Another in a series I really like, showing you how to fight back against various sales techniques.

No More ‘I Can’t Afford That’ – When you have the money, but choose not to spend it, you should be proud to say as much.

‘The Snark Handbook’ Review and Giveaway – Be sure to enter for the chance to win what seems like a hilarious book!

Should Wannabe Entrepreneurs Eliminate Debt Before Opening Their Doors? – It’s probably a good idea, but probably not necessary.

You Can’t Afford Kids – A conversation stopper right there, although it raises some interesting points about when in your financial journey you should add kids to your household.

The Reason for the Dearth of Investment Posts on ERE – A cogent reason for not posting more on investing from a fellow blogger; if I didn’t love writing about investing so much, I might just take his advice.

It’s Your Money, YOU Spend It! – How to handle being ‘volunteered’ to spend money (for special events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

Other Good Posts

Unconventional Personal Finance Advice – Some advice that might go against the grain of commonly cited personal finance rules.

5 Situations Where You Should Leave Your Credit Card in Your Pocket – A good list of times to use cash rather than plastic (paying taxes is one I wouldn’t have guessed)

6 New Credit Card Rules – Another article about the CARD act; a very succinct one, as well.

Can America Learn to Save From My Dog? – Dogs put aside biscuits or bones for a rainy day, why can’t we?

$3,000 Cash for Caulkers Revealed – The details of the new plan revealed, for better or worse.  (Also, who do I have to write to in order to get people to stop giving these programs alliterative nicknames?)

The Amateur Financier Around the Web

The Carnival of Money Stories hosted my last Wacky Wednesday post

Monevator’s latest Round Up featured my post on Taxing Financial Transactions, as did the Weekly Round Up on Money Funk

A Weekly Wisdom round-up (great name, by the way) featured my post on Hyperbolic Discounting

If I missed any round-ups or other posts that featured my blog entries, just let me know; I want to promote the heck out of you (and not just because it’s a roundabout way of promoting myself)  Good day, everyone!

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