Weekly Round-Up: A Visit From My Family


The older I get, the tougher it becomes to handle a visit from my family.  Granted, given my current personal and financial situation, it’s not the easiest time to talk with anyone about what’s going on in my life.  It’s particularly troublesome, though, when you have people who greatly care about you talking about everything that is currently going wrong with your life.  It was a…touchy weekend, to say the least.

But I was able to see my mother and my sisters, whom I love dearly.  I have gotten some advice on how to handle some of my troubles, albeit not all advice I’d actually care to follow.  I was able to show off my lovely daughter (although she might not have appreciated all the snuggling and being passed around between my family members).  All in all, it was still a great weekend.

Now that it has passed, though, I’m going to get back to my typical schedule and resume trying to be the most productive person I can be.  If I can do as much as possible to get into a better financial state, after all, my next visit will hopefully go better.  One of the best ways I see to currently improve my financial standing is to take advantage of alternative ways to make money, such as this very blog.  On that note, let’s get to one of my favorite parts of the weekly blog routine, the round-up!

Great Yakezie Posts

Barack Obama Is a Genius-We Should Raise The Minimum Wage – If you’re a regular reader of A Blinkin and Funancials, you can probably guess that this title is meant ironically, and that the blog entry covers why raising the minimum wage would be a bad thing.  Personally, I think doing so would do more good than harm, but that’s why blogs allow you to comment on articles.

Peer to Peer Lending Isn’t As Passive As I Thought – As with any type of investing where you need to select individual investments, peer to peer lending requires you to pay attention and adjust your investments.  This article from Retire By 40 looks at how you need to investigate the lenders to whom you are giving money in order to profit from things like LendingClub and Prosper.

Five Ways to Retire With Less Money – It’s always tough to reach the required level of money you need to retire, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to even consider it.  But Faith and Finance shares some ways that you can retire (or semi-retire, to name one of them) with less money, allowing you to say sayonara to work without needing quite as much money.

5 Investment Strategies For the Wary Beginner – If you (or someone you care about) is leery about starting to invest, it’s good to consider some of the ways to get into the investment game relatively easily.  This article on Prairie Eco-Thrifter provides a few methods to do just that.  (I’m particularly fond of index funds, myself.)

Changing the “We’re Broke” Mentality to “We’re Delegating Our Money” – When money is tight, it can be easy to take on a defeated attitude (trust me, I know how that can feel).  But Melissa of Mom’s Plans notes that even with everything that is going wrong in her life, she is going to take the attitude that she and her family are simply delegating their money to the most important tasks.

Are You Cheap Enough to Use Fiverr? – What sort of work would you do for five dollars?  There’s quite a few people who will do various tasks for that amount on the online network Fiverr, giving you a chance to get work done for just a fiver.  Although as Out of Debt Again notes, you do get what you pay for, and you might not want to get five dollars worth of quality.

A Simple Retirement Plan for You! – If you want to retire early (and who doesn’t?), you’re going to need to do several things to prepare, and it’s going to take some serious effort on your part.  To get some idea of just what to do, you can use this article from KrantCents to get going in the right direction so you can retire well before sixty-five (or as you might come to call it, the worst case scenario).

Contests and Giveaways

If there are any other contests or giveaways currently ongoing , please let me know so I can share them.

Where The Amateur Financier was Featured

There were quite a few carnivals in which an Amateur Financier blog entry was included.  The interesting thing (at least, one thing that I find interesting) is that it was the How You Can Tell If Your Boss Is Insane article, which happens to be primarily a infographic provided to me by another party.  Perhaps a sign that I should learn how to make infographics of my own…But I digress.  For now, enjoy the carnivals including this article.

That’s it for this week.  Here’s hoping everyone has a great time this week, and that you enjoy any time you spend with your extended family (it’s not too long until holidays like Passover and Easter roll around, after all).


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