Weekly Round-Up: A New Host, A New Heading, and Hopefully, A New Level of Success

It’s finally over!  The transfer of my website from one host to another that I mentioned in my last round-up, that is.  I spent a sizable portion of the weekend getting everything working properly.  But at last, The Amateur Financier is up and running on the new server, and seems to be running better and faster than I’ve seen it do so in quite a while.  I’ve even created a new header (on my own, which I’m guessing you can probably tell…), hopefully illustrating the start of a much improved blog and much greater results in readers, comments, and profit.  (What can I say?  This is a personal finance blog, after all, and the chance to earn some extra money is a pretty tempting one.)

This is not the end of my changes to The Amateur Financier.   I still need to make some more  modifications and add to my plugins to shift how my blog works.  It will take some time, and likely cause more than a bit of trouble as said modifications are made.  Hopefully by my fourth anniversary (February 6th), I will have everything fully resolved (or as resolved as anything that changes every day can be, anyway).  While I work on that, I’m also going to try to get caught up on all the other great blogs out there, starting with some of my Yakezie companions, including these:

Great Yakezie Posts

I Bet Against a Stock For the First Time – What Does Buying a Put Mean? – It’s not something that you normally think (or read) about, but it is possible to make money when stocks go down.  Evan of My Journey to Millions covers two methods, shorting stocks and buying a put option, and explains why he chose to go with the latter.  (I would do so as well, just to put that out there.)

Why You Need to Get a Home Inspection When Buying a Home – There’s a lot of things that you need to do when trying to get a home (so I hear; I’ve never purchased a home myself).  Getting an inspection is something that can get lost in the shuffle, but is perhaps the most important thing you can do, as detailed on Young and Thrifty.

Prioritization for the Win! Now to Save Like Hell… – If you hope to accomplish your goals, financial or otherwise, you’ll need to prioritize them first.  Trying to accomplish everything at the same time will lead to getting nothing done at all.  On Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, Crystal notes how she and Mr. BFS chose their goals, and how as a result they met their first goal already!  Go, Crystal!

My 3 Step Process for Ensuring that Your Business Succeeds This Year – On the subject of success, if you are hoping to make an online business succeed, following these steps from My Wife Quit Her Job is a good place to start.  Actually, with steps like ‘Set Tangible Goals’ and ‘Be Productive’, it should help you to succeed regardless of your goal.

3 Ways to Impress Your Interviewer to Bag the Job – There’s definitely plenty of things you need to keep in mind as you go into an interview, but it’s always good to do what you can to stand out, like these suggestions from Invest It Wisely will help you to do.  Just be careful with option 2; you have to use caution when pointing out anyone’s mistakes, after all.

The High Cost of Getting the Flu – You don’t normally think of the financial costs involved in getting the flu, as Squirrelers has, but it’s definitely something that will come into play if you do get the flu.  All the more reason to pay the small price, both in money and in pain, involved in getting a flu shot, hunh?

Getting Injured at a Store-Now Dealing With It – While I hope that nobody reading this has to go through the incident detailed on My Multiple Incomes, it’s something that you have to deal with.  I’m not sure how I would handle things, although not accepting the store’s first offer (a $25 gift card in exchange for an agreement to not pursue further legal action) definitely seems like a smart move.

Could You Outsource Your Own Job to Watch Cat Videos All Day Like This Guy? – An impressively amusing story discovered by Darwin’s Money, showing the power of outsourcing can work for lower level workers, as well.  (At least those making ‘several hundred thousand dollars’ a year.)  While I don’t know that most of my day job functions could be outsourced (when I get another day job, that is), perhaps I should give more thought to outsourcing more of my blog or other side job duties.

Where The Amateur Financier was Featured

My article on The Best and Worst of 2012 covered quite a lot of what has happened to me this past year.  It apparently struck quite a cord, as it was included in these carnivals:

Alright, that’s it for this week.  With everything up and running on my modified blog (well, alright, there are still a few plugins that need to be added and a few other modifications to be made, but it’s mostly finished now), I should be able to be an even more productive blog writer, to say nothing of being able to read and comment on a great deal more posts.  (That latter being something I’m so far behind on I don’t even know where to begin, but that’s another story.)  Thanks for reading, as always, and here’s to another great week of blog entries!

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