Weekly Round-Up: A Chance to Breathe (I Hope…)

If you’ve been following my Round-Ups this month, you’ve probably noticed a theme: February 2014 has been insanely busy for me.  This past week was spent handling medical issues with my wife, after a week that featured an incredibly important court date (hopefully, one of the few times I’ll ever have to appear in court).  Granted, the week before was pretty tame and Super Bowl-focused (although, with an upcoming court date, it wasn’t completely relaxing), but most of February has been pretty insane.

But things have settled down, at least for now.  I haven’t had to deal with any unforeseen issues this week, so I’ve actually had a chance to do things like clean up some of the spam comments posted on my articles and go through the (sadly neglected) email box for this site.  There’s still lots more to be done, like read through all the great posts my fellow bloggers are posting such as these:

Great Yakezie Posts

HOW Would You Invest $20,000? – An interesting question posed by A Blinkin of Funancials, one that raises some interesting thoughts on how to handle a lump sum.

10 Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill – You can spend lots of money keeping yourself warm in the winter, so these hints from (appropriately enough) Canadian Finance Blog are helpful.

3 Simple Ways to Manage Your Finances Online – Managing money online makes things easier, and these tips from Narrow Bridge Finance provide further advice.

How Much to Spend on Wine at Each Stage of Your Life – Some interesting thoughts on wine spending budgets throughout your life from Sweating the Big Stuff.  Speaking of wine…

Make More Money Online By Following The Wine Pairing Strategy – An interesting name for a very useful online earning concept, presented on Yakezie.com by our friend the Financial Samurai.

Other Great Posts

I Suck at eBay – There’s a lot of promotion to use eBay to sell your items, but as The Broke and The Beautiful notes, it’s not nearly as simple as it might sound.

The Only 21 Things Our Newborn Kids Have Ever Really Needed – If you stick to this list, you can raise a well-balanced child without spending a bundle, as noted by Mom and Dad Money.

Why a Four Hour Workday is Better Than an Early Retirement – Being retired isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, as Harry of The Four Hour Work Day shares on Club Thrifty.

The #1 Financial Rule Everyone Should Follow – Spend half of your take home income (or less) and you’ll be in good shape, as Jacob of iHeartBudgets notes.

The Best $200 I Ever Spent – I don’t have much to say about Student Debt Survivor’s post, other than the fact that pets are pretty awesome.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

Apparently my life is more interesting than I thought; my Net Worth Update for February 2014 was featured in numerous carnivals, including:

Alright, that’s it for this round-up.  While I’m getting caught-up, I’m still far from there yet.  So, while I get closer to being completely up-to-date, I hope that you have a great week, and enjoy all the great articles out there (mine included)!

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