Weekly Round-Up: 600th Post! (More or Less)

Woo, hoo!  I’ve posted more than six hundred posts in the course of keeping my blog running.  Actually, I’m well passed my six hundredth post, if you just count how many articles have been posted on this blog, but when you consider all the guest posts that I’ve put up, the number of articles I’ve written and put up is closer to 600.

So, since this is as about as close to the 600th post as I can get, and since I’m going to be pretty busy the next few weeks visiting my mother and then taking care of my fiancee Sondra when she gets the last of her wisdom teeth removed, I’ll call this the 600th post and get my celebrating in now.  It’s been a long, sometimes tough road, but I’m glad I’ve stuck with it.  I’ve met lots of interesting people, learned more about personal finance than I ever would have by just reading through books, and in general, had both a great deal of fun and lots of learning.  Thanks for all of you reading this, as always, for reading my articles, digesting their meaning, and leaving great comments.  It’s much appreciated, and here, to show just a fraction of that appreciation, are some of the best posts of the past week:

Good Yakezie Posts

 Don’t Let Time and Risk Aversion Be Your Enemies – It’s easy to fall into a trap and take on too little risk on your path to meeting your financial goals.  However, as Money Reasons notes on Yakezie.com, you need to be willing to take some risks and let time work for you if you hope to have a successful life.

3 Ways to Earn Blog Income – Blogging is one of the most commonly recommended means of earning a passive income, and this article on different types of blog income on Passive Family Income provides several approaches you can take to make it big (or have fun trying).

So, Are You Well Off? – Interesting question, no?  Robert of The College Investor asked this question of his readers, and got some very interesting answers.  I’ve got a way to go, but hopefully soon I will be able to answer a solid ‘Yes’ to this question.

Six Tips for Travelling with Small Children – I am going to spending this week chauffering a puppy across the great state of Pennsylvania.  It’s not the same thing as traveling with children, but these tips from Melissa of Mom’s Plan should still come in handy.

The Number of Acorns Saved is Affected by the Number of Trees Nearby – That’s one impressive article name, and one that fits pretty well for Squirrelers.  The point of the article, that you need to be willing to move to where the jobs are, particularly in a tough economy, is pretty solid as well.

Deciding on the Best European Cruise For Two – For a problem more of us probably wish we faced, see if you can give Financial Samurai some advice on what cruise to take.  It’s interesting to see the sort of choices that are available, as well as see some of the logic he is applying.  Not bad for learning about the whole decision making process in general, for that matter.

How to Avoid Frugal Fatigue as a Couple – It can be rough trying to frugal, much in the same way that sticking to a diet makes you start eyeballing seven layer cakes.  Luckily, Young and Thrifty has some tips to make things more manageable, so you can stick to your frugal ‘diet’ and resist the urge to splurge.

How Yoga Helped Me Reach My Goals and Be a Better Person – I’ve never really tried yoga, but my sister has been doing it for years, and she recommends it highly.  She’s not the only one; Miss T. of Prairie Eco Thrifter suggests it as well, for the discipline and mind clearing power it possesses.

Don’t Live Within Your Means – Sounds like the last thing you’d hear from a personal finance adviser, but Flexo of Consumerism Commentary notes how some advisers are suggesting ‘consumption smoothly’, leveling out your consumption throughout your lifetime, borrowing more in your youth and paying it back when you get older and earn more.  It’s an interesting concept, but if taken too far (or you don’t earn enough in the future), you can find yourself in a world of hurt.

Money Management: 9 Ways Golf Can Help! – I love being able to find new ways to think about money, and this article from Dr. Dean of The Millionaire Nurse is a good one.  I’m not a golfer (yet; give me a few more decades and I’ll likely much of my time on the course), but the lessons on money management are solid.

Where The Amateur Financier Was Featured

My post on Financially Balancing Your Future, Family and Fun won a KC Award!  Quite a great honor, and here’s hoping it’s not the last!

My Frugal Friday – Going Out post was included in the How to Get Out of Debt Carnival (catchy name, hunh?) run by Get Out of Debt Guy.  Thanks, Guy!

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