Understanding the Tips and Tricks of Penny Stocks

Penny stocks aren’t just another thing in today’s stock market. They have the potential to make you a millionaire if you are investing cautiously and consciously. Depending on the ideology of the company that you are investing in and the products and services that it offers, your bank balance can go up or down in this field. The whole world of penny stock is like a giant jackpot where you can be the winner in one second or try your luck several times to win nothing. Penny stocks are basically small cap investments where you are not involved with spending huge amounts of money like in major exchanges. You get to buy lots of shares at a small amount of money. But, the companies you will spend on is totally up to you. It is sometimes difficult to identify a company that can provide long term profit, but you can always get an understanding of the various symbols that represent different companies and accordingly you can choose to buy or avoid the shares of such companies.

Understanding the symbolic letters

Suppose you are searching online with top penny stocks today and you get a variety of results from different websites. It would take so much time to cross check and decide the companies that are common to most of the sites. To make things easier, it would be best to understand the fact that many companies are represented just by their initials in an abbreviated form. In most cases the abbreviated form may be in a 3 letter format or depending on the name of the company, it can be a 4 letter format also. But, the trick here is to understand what comes after the first 4 letters. Suppose you are dealing with a foreign security company. How will you know in the first place that it is a foreign security company? For example, the company’s name is XYZ Company that is represented in the abbreviated form as XYZC. Since it is a foreign security company, there will be an additional F after the letter C. So, it will become XYZCF.

Following the last letter

Whenever it comes to penny stocks and the companies that offer such stocks, it is of crucial importance that you understand what the last letter of the abbreviated form means. Depending on the name of the company, there will be either a fourth of fifth letter that will determine the nature and status of the company. Additional symbols can range from anything starting from A to Z. But, in general, the letter E means that the company is on the verge of failure or going down whereas the letter Q means that the bank has already become bankrupt and it would be a complete waste to spend your money on the shares of this company.

Earning money through penny stocks is not a big deal these days, especially when you have so much of information in hand. But, with the top penny stocks today that you are investing on, you need to be cautious and well informed about how the company works and the past reputation about their returns.


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