Thoughtful Thursday: April Fools Wrap-Up

We’re officially well into April 2nd, and that can mean only one thing: all the clever and timely April Fool’s jokes from yesterday are over.  Yes, you can come out of your whoopee cushion-proof bunkers and take off the banana peel resistant boots, the scourge of April Fool’s Day is behind us…until next year, that is.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much (even though I was pranked by a malicious malcontent yesterday), as I added to the festivities of the day with my own April Fool’s blog post.  (Although, to cover my rump, I made sure to have a readily visible disclaimer at the bottom of the page.)  But I’m hardly the only one to indulge my impish nature; here’s a list of every PF blog April Fool’s joke I’ve come across:

Obama Eases Treasury Costs with At-Home Money Printing Stimulus – Paul Michael on WiseBread reported on the new government initiative to get people to print out money on their computers.  It’d cut down the expense for the Treasury, who could then pass the savings on to you!  And don’t worry, there’s a link to an instruction manual if you need help.  (Or it could be a picture of Obama with a podium saying ‘An April Fool We Can Believe In’.)

The $1500 Frisbee – J.D. of Get Rich Slowly relayed a story that started back in his college days, of being won over by the offer of a Frisbee by a bank which then proceeded to charge him a monthly maintenance fee for the next 17 years.  He estimated it cost him more than $1500 compared to the ‘free checking’ bank offer he turned down (not counting interest or investment returns he could have gotten with that money).  Not really a funny article, but a stark reminder of how the little expenses in life can add up, and how we can all make silly mistakes while we’re young and still grow up to be incredibly popular personal finance bloggers.

Budgetting for a New HouseLazy Man and Money is making plans to buy a new house, and is smartly trying to save up enough to afford it.  The only catch is that he has his eye on the Spelling mansion, which is on the market for $150 million.  Even if he can haggle like a demon with the Realtor, I think it’s bit more than he can afford.

Why You Should Purchase GM Vehicle Now –  A stirring and inspiring, if tongue in cheek, call to arms by Mr. ToughMoneyLove himself.  It’s sad that the only way GM can get an endorsement is to wait for April Fool’s Day.

Chegg Introduces Text-A-Licious Textbooks – Stephanie at Poorer than You had one of the best April Fool’s posts I’ve seen, about edible textbooks (with digestible information, to boot).  I only wish the links provided actually worked, as I’m sure that they’d be interesting.

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