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800th Post Celebration and CONTEST!

Thanks very much, everyone who entered.  The contest is now over, and I’m in the process of giving out the prize.  Thanks for keeping me going through 800 posts! You might not believe what the title of this post is claiming, but it’s true: this is the 800th post to be published here on The… Continue Reading

Thank You All for Three Wonderful Years!

It might be hard to accept (I know it was for me), but this post marks three years that I have been blogging here on the Amateur Financier.  Yes, three years ago this very day, February 6th, I wrote my first post in what would become The Amateur Financier.  Now, things were a bit different… Continue Reading

2 Whole Years of The Amateur Financier

I imagine that even my most die-hard fans might not realize it, but today is something other than the Superbowl.  (Go Steelers, by the way.)  Yes, two years ago on this very day, I wrote my very first post for the Amateur Financier.  It’s been a long and interesting journey, and I’m glad for every… Continue Reading