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Deep Thoughts: Social Security

While reading Your Money Ratios, a book I intend to review later this week, I was particularly struck by the chapter on Social Security.  Discussions of what will happen with this popular, yet tricky, retirement program continue to animate the national stage here in the US, and even as we speak, new reforms are being… Continue Reading

Deep Thoughts: Tipping

I’ve given some thoughts to tipping as of late, since taking my fiancee out to dinner to celebrate my new (if less than ideal) job raised an obvious tipping situation.  It’s always a bit of a conundrum; how much do you tip?  Do you tip fifteen percent, ten percent, twenty, or some other value?  How… Continue Reading

Deep Thoughts: The Poverty Line

I’ve been giving some thought lately to the poverty line, and poverty in general.  One of the major goals of just about every reformer, on the left and the right alike, is to reduce the number of people currently living in poverty and to improve the ability of those who do to earn more money… Continue Reading

Does Success Skew Your Perception?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about perception and reality.  Particularly, if being successful at something causes you to believe that it’s easier to do than it actually is, or that ‘anyone can do it’.  If you make yourself a success at something, no matter what it is, do you start to think that other… Continue Reading