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Help Finding Work While Disabled

Help Finding Work While Disabled

Let’s say that you’re disabled.  There’s any number of conditions that you could be suffering from, and numerous ways the disability could have arisen, from something that has affected you from birth to the results of an accident that has recently occurred.  For the purpose of this blog entry, the exact nature of the disability… Continue Reading

Book Review – Fired to Hired

Chances are, you’ve been unemployed (or underemployed) at some point in your life. Whether because you just graduated from school without an available job, had trouble finding a new position after your previous one ended, have a crummy job, or had your company close down (not an uncommon occurrence recently, between the tech bubble burst… Continue Reading

Job Hunting Success – Retooling Your Job Hunt

Over the past few months, we’ve been looking at how to get a job. It’s been an interesting ride, covering every aspect of the job process from getting a resume (or three) prepared to submitting to job openings to handling the interview process. There’s been quite a lot covered, and hopefully it has proven helpful… Continue Reading