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Frugal Friday – Travel Events

Alright, friends and readers, it’s time to bring these special travel editions of my Frugal Friday posts to a close.  Yes, I’ve showed you how to get to your destination as frugally as possible, and how to find a place to stay that won’t cost you an arm and a leg (or any other body… Continue Reading

Frugal Friday – Travel Lodging

Hopefully, after last week’s suggestions about transportation, you found it much easier to make it to your desired destination without having to pay an arm and a leg (or any other body parts you’d rather not part with).  But getting there is only half the battle; unless your destination is within easy commuting distance of… Continue Reading

Frugal Friday – Travel Transportation

Hello, all, and welcome to another Frugal Friday!  As you are probably well aware, last weekend, I went with my fiancee Sondra to Niagara Falls, had some fun, and have since come back hail and hearty, ready to greet the world again.  Spending the last several months trying to get ready for this trip (we… Continue Reading