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How to Create Buckets and Buckets of Money

There are many theories out there regarding how to manage your money in retirement, generating enough income to meet your basic retirement needs (and hopefully all those dreams you want to fulfill) while keeping most of your money intact. As you might guess, given the amount of money controlled by retired people, there’s plenty of… Continue Reading

The Future of Retirement

One of the goals that almost everyone working shares is a desire to eventually stop working; there are very few people who want to keep up their jobs for the rest of their life.  (There are some exceptions, of course; Hugh Hefner being one that instantly comes to mind.)  Retirement is the endgame plan of… Continue Reading

Negative Dollar Cost Averaging

One of the most basic tenets when you are saving for retirement is to dollar cost average your investments by contributing the same amount of money each month (or quarterly or weekly, depending on your preferred investment schedule).  By doing so, you’ll end up purchasing more shares of the (usually) mutual funds when the price… Continue Reading

Advice on Cashing Out

I’ve been thinking lately about cashing out lately.  For those of you who’ve never heard the term, the concept is basically to build up your money so that you are able to effectively retire early, usually in your forties to fifties, and do whatever you want with your new found free time.  Depending on your… Continue Reading