Top 7 Countries To Travel To On A Budget

If you’re long overdue for a vacation, as so many of us are, you might be wondering if there are any dreamy destinations available that won’t break the bank and leave your pockets empty. While tons of luxury destinations will set you back financially quite a bit, several pocket-friendly regions are equally as lavish to consider. 

Before planning your affordable vacation abroad, you should ensure you budget for travel insurance that will enable you to cancel at any time, just in case you have to cancel your trip for any reason abruptly. Buying a cancel for any reason, travel insurance policy is perfect for travelers on a tight budget. This type of insurance is essential when traveling as it will protect you from astronomical medical bills and the costs of travel-related mishaps such as delayed flights, lost baggage, and a few others. With that said, these are the top seven budget-friendly destinations to consider.


While some island destinations are unaffordable for most of us, Fiji is the perfect Pacific Island destination for those with a restricting travel budget. The destination is undeniably gorgeous, and it’s shockingly cheap to visit as well. Even though there are several luxury and expensive resorts here, you can find affordable accommodation quite easily. You can save even more on your travel budget by opting for backpacker packages that will ensure your island holiday includes various activities and affordable transportation options. 

Central America

Costa Rica, Panama, and Belize are all affordable destinations in Central America that definitely won’t disappoint either. You can enjoy a stay in these areas for around $40 per day as a backpacker. If you’re not hoping for a backpacking experience, you can spend slightly more for more comfortable accommodations at approximately $60 per day. Fortunately, money can be stretched quite far in these regions of the world as restaurants, transportation, and activities are also exceptionally affordable. 


Interestingly enough, you could consider all of Southeast Asia as affordable travel destinations. However, Cambodia is a top option as it is one of the most beautiful and intriguing areas in Southeast Asia. You can visit the breathtaking area and spend roughly $20 per night for an air-conditioned private room, spend about $2 for excellent street food meals, and travel with public transport. Your vacation here definitely won’t break the bank, and the experience will prove memorable and exceptionally culturally enriching.


China is a fascinating destination to visit for several alluring reasons, and hoards of travelers visit the region annually regardless of how much it costs to experience China. With that said, China is exceptionally affordable as you can find accommodation for around $20 a night, and food will cost you between $2 and $5 per meal. Public transport is also pretty cheap, and you can purchase a train pass to save even more on your transportation costs. 

South Korea

Travelers who have experienced South Korea would all agree that it is definitely an underrated vacation spot. The cost of visiting South Korea rivals those of the entire Southeast of Asia as accommodation, food, and transport are all exceptionally pocket-friendly. With that said, the rich cultural experience you will get here is unmatched by many others worldwide. And because absolutely everything here is cheap, you should consider spending a few days of your vacation time here at least once. 


India is highly affordable, and mostly because its currency is relatively weak compared to most. However, when visiting India, you should avoid the extremely cheap destinations and opt for the upper-class areas. Fortunately, even an upper-class luxury stay in India won’t break the bank at all. The natural scenery here is impressive, and the weather is also welcoming. Backpackers and solo travelers also often opt for India for these reasons. However, you will need to get a few travel vaccines as it is a third-world country, and viruses and diseases are prominent. Although travel vaccines and travel insurance will ensure you can enjoy the region with an absolute peace of mind. 

Eastern Europe

Contrary to popular belief, you can travel to Europe on a budget. Location is vital as some areas are pretty pricey while others are budget-friendly. Opting for Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria are great choices to stretch your vacation budget as the cost of living in these areas is relatively low. In Ukraine, you can enjoy a luxury stay for around $40 per night in a private room. The cost of food and activities in these European regions is also shockingly low.

When traveling on a budget, there are tons of destinations to consider. What’s more, there are also other ways you can save money when traveling to stretch your budget further and enjoy your stay without worrying about diminishing your life savings simply to get the time-off you really need and deserve.