Thursday Thoughts: Luck or Karma?

Sometimes, life just seems to sync up, and I wonder if perhaps there is some higher power at work.  This week, for example, I donated several dollars to the American Cancer Society.  One of my former professors is going to running in the Relay For Life, and he sent me an email asking for a sponsorship.  So, I decided to chip in a few dollars myself, to help him in his cause.

Then on Tuesday, I got a call from a recruiter from Manpower about a position for which I don’t recall even applying.  It’s only the first step in the process, and I don’t know if it will lead to anything (although I am quite qualified for this position), but it was rather heartening.  And I was wondering if perhaps it was a form of karmic repayment, or just random happenstance.  Of course, then the fun events of yesterday happened, and my thought that I was being somehow rewarded seemed rather out of place.  But I still wonder, is it just random luck, or is there some overarching plan I just can’t see?

And of course, that’s hardly the only thing I’ve been thinking about lately; here are a few posts that got my brain ticking:

Should Your Financial Guru Be Changing His or Her Advice? – On Man vs. Debt, there was the discussion of whether a financial guru should be changing their advice, as Suze Orman did recently.  It’s an interesting question; in theory, good financial advice should be just as good all the time.  However, in the real world, things do change, sometimes dramatically, and I can understand gurus changing their advice to fit changing situations (like our current credit crunch).  That said, I don’t think that Ms. Orman’s advice is necessarily the best; based on interest rates alone, cutting down at least some of your credit card debt (while you build up an emergency fund, if you feel it is needed) is generally is the best procedure.

How to Obtain Your Credit Report – On My Life ROI, there’s some helpful advice about getting your free credit report.  (Here’s a hint: don’t use, the truly free site is  It’s good advice, and you should be sure to check out our credit report on a regular basis.

Recession Tips for College Students – I do not envy current college students.  Not only are they going to be facing much steeper qualifications to get credit for everything from houses to their student loans, but when they graduate, they’re going to have even more competition from out of work previous grads (like myself).  Luckily, Studenomics feels their pain, and shares a few tips to hopefully get them off to a good start.

The Best Time to Start Thinking About Money – On a much more uplifting note, Stephanie writes a wonderful post about her progress over the past few years.  It’s truly wonderful to hear about someone else’s success, especially given how far Stephanie has come in that time frame.  Kudos to you, Stephanie; keep up the good financial progress, and you’ll have to change your blog’s name to ‘Richer than You’!

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