Thoughtful Thursday: Charity Edition

When it rains, it pours, I suppose.  I wrote my article about serving on consistory at my church yesterday, where I stressed the need for volunteers and money in order to keep the church running, especially in light of the recent economic downturn. On the very same day, Wisebread put up an article by Catherine Schaffer about Nine Charities that Deserve Your Money.  And down at number 8, you have local churches and charities.  I suppose that great minds think alike.

Catherine’s proposition is simple: if we need to put more money into the economy (as just about every commentator says we should), our focus should be on the people who can really benefit from that money.  I agree completely; I’m going to look seriously into these charities, and see what I can do to help.  (Some, like Habitat for Humanity, might be better served with donations of time rather than money; luckily, I have more than a little bit of time on my hands.)

Some of the other thoughts I’ve mulling lately:

Writer’s Coin is at WiseBread – The title pretty much sums it up, but I’ll elaborate anyway: the blogger behind Writer’s Coin, WC Porter, is now publishing articles on the popular PF site, WiseBread.  (Yup, the same WiseBread from which I pulled the first article; it’s a big, popular PF website.)  Anyway, go and support him!

Buying a Dog Saved Me MoneyMy Life ROI makes some financial arguments for dog ownership, starting with exercise benefits and ending with security.  I don’t think his arguments are applicable for all dogs; trying using a tea cup poodle for security purposes, and you better hope the burglar laughs himself to death at Muffin’s yapping barks.  But his main points are valid; dogs and other pets have numerous advantages, most of which are not limited to finances.

Money May Satisfy But Does Not Bring Happiness – An interesting post by Mr. ToughMoneyLove, detailing a study noting the effects of increased income on happiness (the positive feeling, as measured moment to moment) and satisfaction (how fulfilled you feel in life overall).  The study noted that money was more closely correlated with satisfaction than with happiness.  One possible reason: lower income people had more leisure time.  My inferred conclusion: giving up a few hours of overtime to relax or otherwise do something for yourself might lower your satisfaction, but could make you happier.

What You Don’t Know About Renter’s Insurance – Stephanie of Poorer Than You covers some of the finer points of renter’s insurance.  I’ve never had to rent a place of my own (one of the positives of ‘boomeranging’ on my mother and living in her basement, I suppose), but when I do, I’ll be sure to look into renter’s insurance.  It sounds cheap, easy, and highly advantageous should something unfortunate occur (which is, of course, the whole reason to have insurance).

Paying Less for Prescriptions: Generics and Assistance – On a sadder note, we have a story about a woman who stopped taking her medications and ended up dying of a stroke.  Mrs. Micah then lists a few recommendations to avoid finding yourself in this sort of situation, including buying generics and signing up for a prescription drug plan.  Hopefully, we stop a repeat of this incident; some tragedies can be avoided.

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