Thoughtful Thursday: New Job Hunting

Greetings, Amateur Financier readers.  As I write this, I’m waiting for my sweet adorable fiancee to return from her job.  I’m also searching for a job of my own, preferrably one that allows me to continue to stay with my sweet girl and not have to commute too far in order to reach my job.

Unfortunately, the current job environment does not make me very optimistic on that point.  I’m expecting to search for quite a while longer before I get anything in my field.  Even getting something just to tide me over is likely to be hard; according to my fiancee, even Wal-Mart isn’t hiring, and is actively cutting down the hours of its current employees.  This does not bode well for my future prospects job hunting.

On the plus side, being between jobs and looking for other employment does have its advantages.  I have more time to read up on what other bloggers are currently writing, as well as having more time to  blog myself (well, when I’m not spending time celebrating the completion of my last position with my loving fiancee).  Some of the more interesting posts of the last week:

Why Should You Take Personal Finance Advice From Me? – A question I’ve asked more than once, myself, but this time posed by Studenomics.  He lists many good reasons for taking personal finance advice from him, but the one that strikes me the most is getting different perspectives.  That’s one reason I try to read numerous PF glogs, and always focus on less established bloggers for these Weekly Update posts.

What to Carry in Your Car for Emergencies – Something I’ve been neglecting, making sure that I have proper supplies in my car for unexpected events.  Luckily, there’s a discussion of just this circumstance on Green Panda Treehouse, including some suggestions of what to include in your car.  There are some pretty good suggestions, both in the main post and the comments.

Negotiation Tips for Beginners – A huge, HUGE number of suggestions on negotiation techniques listed by Baker of Man vs. Debt.   I’ll be honest, I tend to have a rather shy personality, so I tend not to be very good in negotiations.  Hopefully, learning some of these techniques will make me more effective in sale situations.

Credit Card Rates and Usury: Where is the Line?My Life ROI provides an interesting history of credit rates and usury (excessive interest charged on borrowed money).  It’s kind of interesting to know that at some points in history, like 14th century Europe, any interest rates above 1% were considered usurious.  I wonder what the medieval Catholic church would think about the current interest rates offered by credit cards…

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