Thoughtful Thursday: Financial Advice for High Schoolers

Woo Hoo! Good news everybody, I’ve had my first guest post published today. My Life ROI published a post I wrote, How to get Ahead of the Game, during his out of country vacation. It’s simply some advice for current high school students that I wish someone had told me ten years ago.

Of course, there are other financial columns out there that I didn’t write. They might not be as clever, witty, or entertaining as what you’re used to here, but they are still worth reading. Some of the more thought-provoking pieces I’ve read this week:

New Study on Emergency Fund Importance
– Flexo on Consumerism Commentary was one of several commentators to note the recent study by the Consumer Federation of American. The primary conclusion of the study? That having an emergency fund leads to greater mental security. This is an excellent lesson to be reinforced, and does have an impact on how you should rank your financial priorities, in this case, favoring putting savings aside for a rainy day over paying down debts without a cushion, for example.

Protect Your Home from Bumping and Bump KeysClever Dude has posted a video taken from a local news channel about burgulars ‘bumping’ keys in locks to force open doors. An interesting video, and something to think about when shopping for locks. You have to stay ahead of the bad guys in the home security arms race.

Learning to Love GenericsStephanie makes the point that genericfood stuffs will save you money and tend to be just as delicious as brand names. She also teases us with some delicious looking cookies but refuses to share them. Boo!

20 Free Online Finance Courses – A listing of different online sources of information from Generation X Finance. I’ll admit, I don’t usually follow this blog, but I’m always looking for more good sources of information. Which means this is a doubly useful post, letting me know about plenty good financial information online, as well as cluing me in to another good blogger.

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