Things to Keep in Mind while Shopping Online


With increasing e-commerce websites, you can buy and sell almost anything and everything online. Online shopping is very convenient, usually with heavy discounts and free delivery offers. It saves you the time you would otherwise spend ongoing down to the store and picking up the things on your own. Why bother, when there is someone else taking care of it, while all you have to do is to click on your options and enter your address.

But since you have no physical interaction with the seller, you may want to keep a few things in mind before you order something.

  • Prefer purchasing goods from a recommended site. Internet is dark place, what appears to be a lively online shoppers’ portal may be a total fake. So be sure about the website before you make any credit or debit payments.
  • Always open these e-commerce sites in incognito mode or in a private window. Every online store has a “Recommended System” which tracks your search activities, the products you usually look for, which sends cookies to the browser. So when you search for a product, you see the prices according to the Recommended System of the website, which may hide the same product available at a lower price.
  • Before you hit the ‘Order Confirmed” button, look for the warranty options, and read the return-refund-replace policies very carefully. There may be an option for extended warranty in some cases.
  • Make sure you read the reviews of the product for an overview. Read both the 4star and the single star review. Make looks very good in the picture may not turn out that way when it is delivered to you or what suits the other may not suit you.
  • When you are not sure about buying a product, but find it interesting, you can save it in the wish list. This way the company keeps updating you about the product prices and any upgradation in the features if any.
  • Keep checking the ‘today’s deals”, gift cards, and other discount offers. If you want to place a big order, you can do it in the holiday or festive season to avail maximum offers.
  • For websites which have a minimum shopping limit to cancel the shipping charges, you can try ordering essentials for daily use like shampoos and soaps, which can help you cover up the limit bucket if you fall short of some amount.
  • Prefer the “Cash on Delivery” option. But if you want an online transaction, make sure it is through secured means.
  • Keep throwing in feedback’s about the product or the customer service by notifying to the company through email or on their social networking portals.
  • Check if are getting the same product at a lower price in your neighborhood retail store. Or even if you are getting it for the same price, but the additional delivery charges are making the product to cost higher, you will be only foolish to buy it online.

Shop safe!


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