The tiny things that make a BIG impact on your budget

The DOWJONES is down, apparently, and the NASDAQ is about to skyrocket, supposedly – but none of that makes a difference to you as butterflies flutter from your wallet.

Indeed, we’d all love to play it big on the stock market and come up looking richer than Donald Trump. We’d thank our lucky stars for a get-rich-quick scheme that actually worked.

Yet through it all, through the wishes in coin fountains and the dreams of financial security, the wolf remains at the door, and the hinges are about to break loose on your cash flow.

Our advice? Stop focusing on spurious schemes that’ll never work out. The best strategy to saving your cash is to consider the small things.

Jesus said to consider the lily, a tiny piece of life which can symbolise all of mankind. We’ve found a few small cutbacks to consider that will affect your entire financial status.

Mail on the go

Have you ever had a delivery go awry? You’ll wait aeons for a parcel, grow a beard, wait a little while longer, then find your parcel in your bin or up a tree or discarded underneath the front tyre of a moving lorry.

So when you’re sending a parcel of your own, do you really want the recipient to have to put up with some palaver or other? The answer, naturally, is a big fat no.

Whether you need parcel delivery to USA or some other far-flung region, check out a price comparison site to find the most trusted AND least costly offers.

In some cases, you’ll stumble across a delivery offer with all the fringe benefits, from recorded delivery to real time tracking. The point is, hunt around and you’ll grab a bargain.

Reduced to clear

Reduced to clear aisles in supermarkets are like Wall Street for the working classes. Prices will fall throughout the day, but high quality goods could disappear within moments, so you’ve got know when to BUY-BUY-BUY!

Usually the aisle isn’t quite so dramatic, but you CAN pick up some fantastic bargains if you’re willing to hang around the reduced section of your supermarket.

While it’s unlikely you’ll be able to purchase your entire weekly shop in the aisle, you will save a few pence on some bargains.

Charity chic

Vintage clothing has become the trend du jour in recent years, and it can do wonders for your budget.

Populate your wardrobe with older clothing by visiting charity shops and uncovering a few bargains. If you’re chic-minded, you’ll be able to create one of the hippest outfits on your block.

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  1. Can totally relate to this, thrift shops are the way to go, you can come across very high quality clothes for cheap, recently purchased second-hand adidas trousers for 4$, absolutely forgot reason why people even buy new clothes imported from far flung places and manufactured using low-quality materials.

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