The Best Places to Get Cheap Razors

The cost of shaving is rising each year. Most men prefer to get a wet shave as it is the best way to get rid of thick facial hair. A wet shave also makes you appear a lot more professional and well-groomed than other ways of shaving like a cartridge, straight razor, and a trimmer. 

According to JacobRayRazors, a site dedicated to razor blades, an average male in the United States spends $111 each year on razor blades alone. So, by getting them delivered at your home for cheap, you can save a sizable amount. All you have to do is use the razor and provide feedback in the form of opinions or reviews.

Here Are The Best Places to Get Cheap Razors

1) Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is Venice, California based company that delivers shaving accessories straight to your home. It also offers a subscription service that delivers razors to your home each month. Depending on sharp you wish to look, you can choose any of the 3 blades (2 blades, 3 blades, and 6 blades) sizes offered by DollarShaveClub. Prices range from $4-$10. They are quite affordable.

2) Gillette On Demand

Gillette is one of the most popular razor blade manufacturers. Popular for its eye-catching advertisements and commercials, this company also offers affordable razor subscription service. They might be pricier than DollarShaveClub and some other local sellers, but there is no doubt about the quality. Also, they last longer. Hence, overall you will save more money.

3) Dorco

Even women need to shave their body parts. Dorco is a razor manufacturer that offers inexpensive razor blades for both men and women. For the sake of this post let’s just focus on razors for men. Dorco is also been called “the holy grail of razor cartridges”. They have 4 types of razor blades: pace 4, pace 5, pace 6, and pace 7. Each of these comes with an enhanced pro version. I found pace 6 pro to be quite sublime. 

4) Get free razor samples at Walmart store

This method could work if you like shopping at Walmart and are not willing to pay a dime for a razor blade. If you haven’t already heard, Walmart offers free product samples to its customers. On occasions, Walmart also offers free samples on its website. 

5) Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a discount store company based in Chesapeake, Virginia. Earlier it was known as Only $1.00. You will find several Dollar Tree all over the US and Canada. Despite being a fortune 500 company, it offers affordable and cheap razor blades. On the Dollar Tree online/offline store, you can buy a razor blade as cheap as $1. There are plenty of good brands like Barbasol, Assured and Pure Silk (for women) offering razor blades for a dollar.


I hope the above post helps you find a pack of good quality razor blades for cheap or free. Most men won’t think much when it comes to saving money on shaving accessories but if times are tough or you have just begun practicing frugal living, this might be the right thing to do.


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