The Best Money Making Ideas College Students

The Best Money Making Ideas College Students

Do you sincerely want to make a grand before graduating from college?

Realistically, it should not be that difficult to make a thousand bucks in a span of 3 or 4 years. I get it. You have to attend classes, study for tests and do other chores a college student is expected to do. But if you are willing to put in, a few hours every week, you can make a grand before you graduate from college. In fact, with the money-making ideas I am about to share, you can make even more.

What Are the Best Money-Making Ideas for a College Student?

1) Work as a Housekeeper 

It’s true that housekeeping involves physical labor, but it one of the most easy-to-get jobs for college students. Organizations like hospitals and nursing homes recruit college students for weekend work. 

You are expected to begin work early in the morning and carry on till noon. After that, you can do your homework or study for tests. According to PayScale, an average housekeeper earns $10.45 per hour.

2) Work as a Waiter/Waitress

In this profession, people do not earn much in the form of wages. An average waiter/waitress earns about $ 6.27 per hour. However, they earn a lot in tips and compensation. On average, a waiter/waitress can earn around $40-$50 per day in the form of tips. Moreover, most people in this profession are part-time workers. So, you will also get an opportunity to network and make friends at such a young age.

3) Repair Computers

Are you tech-savvy? Know how a computer really functions? Maybe you should work as a Computer Repair Technician and earn more than any other college students can only dream of. A Computer Repair Technician can earn $14.60 per hour. It is one of the most rewarding (financially and emotionally) jobs out there for college students. Your job would include fixing problems related to the software and hardware in a computer.

4) Work in Retail

Part-Time Retail Sales Associate is another position that you can apply for if you can manage to squeeze 5-6 hours each day. Some students go to college during the day and begin work in the evening. Why not work in retail if this arrangement works for you and you have all the traits to be a good salesperson? A Part-Time Retail Sales Associate earns a respectable $10.71 an hour.

Can I Make a Decent Amount of Money as a College Student?

The answer is obviously yes. You can make a decent amount as a college student. However, the money you earn as a student won’t be enough to sustain your entire expenses. You cannot afford to rent an apartment, pay electricity bills and also take care of other day-to-day expenses with a college student salary. As far as making a grand as a college student is concerned, you can surely attain that goal. 

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    Buy Afghan Kush Online, Afghan Kush for sale online. Afghan Kush, an almost 100% Indica strain is naturally grown in the Hindu Kush mountain range. The strain has a very earthy, almost “hash-like” scent with a hint of Pinesol-like aroma. When smoked, it has a sweet hash taste similar to its smell. Buds of this strain are very condensed and covered in a fair amount of trichomes (the THC making glands or crystals). The plant has the familiar broad leaves of other Indicas.
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    Buy Blueberry kush online, Blueberry For Sale Online. Blueberry is a marijuana strain that is renowned for its spectacular flavor and euphoric highs. The strain was created by the iconic breeder DJ short. Blueberry is an indica hybrid cross of (Purple Thai x Highland Thai) and Afghani. When bred properly, Blueberry is around 19.5% THC and creates a quality very dense bud. Blueberry’s unique berry taste and mellowing buzz make it a go-to strain for cannabis connoisseurs worldwide. Medical marijuana users find Blueberry both stress relieving and pain relieving.

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    Buy Blueberry OG Online, A true A-List cannabis strain. Blueberry’s legendary status soared to new heights after claiming the High Times’ Cannabis Cup 2000 for Best Indica. The long history of the strain is traced back to the late 1970s when American breeder DJ Short was working with a variety of exotic landrace strains. However, throughout the decades of Blueberry’s cultivation the genetics have been passed around, due in large part to DJ Short working with multiple seed banks and breeders. The sweet flavors of fresh blueberries combine with relaxing effects to produce a long-lasting sense of euphoria. Many consumers utilize Blueberry to help contend with pain and stress, while connoisseurs and growers admire the strain for its colorful hues and high THC content.

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    Bruce Banner kush might be best known as the alter-ego of comic book hero The Incredible Hulk, but maybe he wouldn’t be such a stressed out ball of anger if he just had some of his namesake strain. This green monster also has hidden strength and features dense nugs that pack the power of very high THC content. It’s a powerful strain whose effects come on quickly and strong and then tend to settle into a euphoric and creative buzz. The sativa effects of this strain are most evident and linger mostly in the head, but it does also provide body relaxation and pain relief that make it an appropriate daytime medication for some. Delta9 Labs bred this strain from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, and its heritage can be found in its diesel aroma with sweet undertones. Plants flower at 8 to 10 weeks. This strain does have three main phenotypes, one of which is Bruce Banner #3.

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    Buy Bubba Kush Online, Bubba Kush For Sale Online. Bubba Kush is an indica strain. It was originally a cross of OG Kush and Bubble Gum. The resulting plants were then selectively bred for multiple generations to create the perfect bud, known as Bubba Kush.

    This strain is adored for its wonderful taste. Although the high is not as heavy as some modern strains; the taste is undeniably out of this world. That is one of the main reasons Bubba Kush is so commonly grown today.
    carl johnson´s last blog post ..8 Ways to Counteract a Too-Intense Cannabis High

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    Bubble Gum Kush Online An 80% indica strain from Bulldog Seeds in the Netherlands, Bubblegum Kush is a cross between Bubble Gum and an undisclosed Kush. An easy-to-grow plant that produces huge yields of frosty, resinous buds, it is popular with growers and hash-makers alike. Bubblegum Kush has a sour smell and flavor, and with a THC content in the 18% range, this indica will leave users fully relaxed and glued to the couch. buy weed online

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    Buy Cali Orange Bud Online, Cali Orange Bud is sometimes referred to as California Orange or else California Orange Bud. It was created all the way back in the eighties and is a balanced 50/50 hybrid. The THC content of Cali Orange Bud is very low, between 10-15%. The parentage of California Orange Bud is not known and much mystery surrounds its origins. California Orange Bud can be distinguished by its strong citrus flavor and has a very high concentration of the terpene linalool, an odor compound found in other fragrant strains like Violet Delight and Lavender. When burned, the flowers have a spicy, clove-like scent. The smoke is smooth and has a sweet aftertaste. The effects of the strain are mellow, mild and calming. It could be a perfect smoke for those who prefer the lighter effects of THC without the risk of couchlock, loss of focus or paranoia. It is a sweet, mild and great tasting strain that is perfect for creativity and relaxation. Heavier doses can bring out the Indica effects.

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    Buy Chemdawg online, Chemdawg For Sale online. Chemdawg is often used in breeding new phenotypes. Despite the uncertainty, there is no denying Chemdawg’s impact on the cannabis community. This is evident in hallmark strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Both of which have Chemdawg in their lineage.

    Its distinct intoxicating aroma that fills a room with scents of lemon and pine is ideal for many strains. Chemdawg is super potent. One hit from Chemdawg and you can feel the effects.

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    Buy Chemdawg Shatter Online, Chemdawg Shatter Concentrates by True Lion Extracts is a favorite cannabis medicine best for anxiety and pain. Chemdawg Shatter. Cannabis Indica Chemdawg is also helpful with depression and ADHD, as well as migraines, arthritis, and PMS. Cannabis Indica Chemdawg Shatter Dab Concentrates is a very popular cannabis medical strain in Canada.

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    Buy Cypress OG kush online, Cypress OG an Indica dominant strain, just like all other “OG” strains it is a hybrid in some way. This strain does come from an OG Kush Cross having a sweet, earthy, piney, pungent aroma and taste to it. Its Medicinal factors that most patients use it for are help with anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, and nausea. Cypress OG will help in relaxation and will provide a slight euphoric affect. This strain was made popular by Hip Hop Group Cypress Hill, originating in Southern California.

    Grown organically in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Cypress Hill OG is an OG Kush variety bred by the Soul Assassins Crew, a collective of musicians and artists affiliated with the hip hop group Cypress Hill. It is an indica-dominant hybrid that produces smooth, expansive smoke with and aroma of pungent diesel and citrus fumes. Known for its strength, the Cypress Hill OG evokes sleepy, knockout indica effects that help silence any pain, stress, or tension from a long day.

  40. Best Place To Buy Death Star Kush Online
    Buy Death Star Kush Online, The Death Star strain is a hybrid cross between Sour Diesel and Sensi Star that originates in Ohio. Although it is not a galactic superweapon, it is a strain that will leave you zoned out for a few hours. The Force is strong with this powerful skunky hybrid that leaves you uplifted and feeling relaxed. Its appearance is beautiful with frosty amber-orange hairs and contrasting light and dark green hues. Death Star’s smell and flavor tend to lend towards its Sour Diesel genetics.

  41. Best Store To Buy Diesel OG Kush Online – Order Diesel OG Kush Online At 420 weed Online Shop
    Buy Diesel OG Kush Online,Sour Diesel and Afghani #1 IBL come together for Diesel a strain that boosts the typical Sour Diesel while providing a well-balanced high. Forest green buds put out a welcomed diesel funk and come trichome-drenched with dark orange pistils. Colorado Diesel may empower you with creative energy while offering a mellow body high that will keep you in a state of relaxation.

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    Buy Distilled CBD oil Online CBD is one of many compounds, known as cannabinoids, in the cannabis plant. Researchers have been looking at the possible therapeutic uses of CBD.CBD oils are oils that contain concentrations of CBD. The concentrations and the uses of these oils vary.

    Until recently, the best-known compound in cannabis was delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

    This is the most active ingredient in marijuana.

    Marijuana contains both THC and CBD, and these compounds have different effects.

    THC creates a mind-altering “high” when a person smokes it or uses it in cooking. This is because THC breaks down when we apply heat and introduce it into the body.Buy Distilled CBD oil Online here

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