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The Best Money Making Ideas College Students

Do you sincerely want to make a grand before graduating from college?

Realistically, it should not be that difficult to make a thousand bucks in a span of 3 or 4 years. I get it. You have to attend classes, study for tests and do other chores a college student is expected to do. But if you are willing to put in, a few hours every week, you can make a grand before you graduate from college. In fact, with the money-making ideas I am about to share, you can make even more.

What Are the Best Money-Making Ideas for a College Student?

1) Work as a Housekeeper 

It’s true that housekeeping involves physical labor, but it one of the most easy-to-get jobs for college students. Organizations like hospitals and nursing homes recruit college students for weekend work. 

You are expected to begin work early in the morning and carry on till noon. After that, you can do your homework or study for tests. According to PayScale, an average housekeeper earns $10.45 per hour.

2) Work as a Waiter/Waitress

In this profession, people do not earn much in the form of wages. An average waiter/waitress earns about $ 6.27 per hour. However, they earn a lot in tips and compensation. On average, a waiter/waitress can earn around $40-$50 per day in the form of tips. Moreover, most people in this profession are part-time workers. So, you will also get an opportunity to network and make friends at such a young age.

3) Repair Computers

Are you tech-savvy? Know how a computer really functions? Maybe you should work as a Computer Repair Technician and earn more than any other college students can only dream of. A Computer Repair Technician can earn $14.60 per hour. It is one of the most rewarding (financially and emotionally) jobs out there for college students. Your job would include fixing problems related to the software and hardware in a computer.

4) Work in Retail

Part-Time Retail Sales Associate is another position that you can apply for if you can manage to squeeze 5-6 hours each day. Some students go to college during the day and begin work in the evening. Why not work in retail if this arrangement works for you and you have all the traits to be a good salesperson? A Part-Time Retail Sales Associate earns a respectable $10.71 an hour.

Can I Make a Decent Amount of Money as a College Student?

The answer is obviously yes. You can make a decent amount as a college student. However, the money you earn as a student won’t be enough to sustain your entire expenses. You cannot afford to rent an apartment, pay electricity bills and also take care of other day-to-day expenses with a college student salary. As far as making a grand as a college student is concerned, you can surely attain that goal. 

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