Tax Day Goodies 2011

Well, here it is again, Tax Day.  Yes, April 15th, the day that is dreaded by more Americans than any other, is finally upon us, and with it comes all the normal stress, struggle, and possible heart problems that the U.S. public dreads.  It’s a time when fathers and mothers weep openly, brothers and sisters rise up in arms against each other, dogs and cats unite to form an unholy army…

Wait a moment, what’s that you say?  Tax Day is April 18th this year, and people have an entire extra weekend to get their taxes prepared and in the mail?  That’s good and all, but it does leave me in a bit of a lurch; what am I supposed to write about now?

Ah, I know!  As I did last year (or I suppose more properly, as I linked to on other sites, for the most part), I could write about some of the giveaways and awesome offers that various companies are using to lessen the sting of taxes (and to boost their business at the same time; businesses aren’t stupid, after all).  So, here are a few things you can look forward to on Monday, even if you spend all weekend filling out your tax forms:

Tax Day Offers 2011

-Bruegger’s Big Bagel Bundles: Not quite a freebie (hey, even generous corporations have to a make profit), but Bruegger’s is offering their Big Bagel Bundles for $10.40 on Monday.  (Note the price’s similarity to a certain federal tax form most people come to hate after a few years of filing taxes; expect to see a lot of such tax day links next Monday.)

-Tax Relief Days at McCormick & Schmick’s: Of course, even though the Federal government’s decided to push the tax due date back a day, most of us still associate April 15th with taxes.  McCormick & Schmick’s has decided to hedge their bets, offering drink and dining specials on both April 15th and April 18th.  (And they’re using the $10.40 pricing, as well.)

-Cinnabon Bites: If you are a fan of cinnamon buns (and I’ve only met one person who wasn’t, and she had the excuse of a near-deadly cinnamon allergy), you can get two free Cinnabon bites on April 18th in their ‘Tax Day Bites!’ giveaway.  (Get it?)  I’m starting to drool a bit just thinking about it.

-Free HydroMassage: If you can think of a better way to relax after tax season is over than a massage, I’d like to hear it (and also hear about any companies offering to give it away this Monday).  If not, here’s good news: HydroMassage is offering free (hydro)massages from April 14th-18th.

-Hooters Wings Offer: If you’re a guy, there’s much worse ways to spend the day than eating wings served by attractive girls.  You can get those served much cheaper by printing out the Buy 10 wings, Get 10 Free Hooters Coupon provided by Spend Less, Shop More.  (You can say that you’re studying Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications if your significant other decides to question your true motives for visiting a place called ‘Hooters’.)

Of course, there’s plenty of other resources that can help you find tax day giveaways; it seems that just about every company has a few of them going on at some point between today and Monday.  I like 2011 Tax Day Freebies and Discounts page from the Bargainist in particular, as it’s one of the most complete lists I’ve seen, and still growing (I’m planning to share a few of my finds there soon.)  Hopefully, after all these giveaways, you’ll be feeling much less stressed about Tax Day.  Have a good (and not completely tax-oriented) weekend!

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