Super Saver Sunday Post #1


As they say, now for something completely different…

You might know from reading some of my previous posts that I dabble in art work.  Lately, though, I haven’t had much opportunity to express my talents, in no small part because this blog occupies such a large part of my time.  (And frankly, there’s still a lot more I could be doing to improve it; but that’s a post for another day…)  In fact, I haven’t really drawn anything all this year, which disappoints me when I made a New Year’s Resolution to improve my artwork.

To rectify this situation, while still keeping up with my blogging duties, I’ve decided to start a regular, weekly comic, to add some amusement to this blog and get in some extra drawing practice.  The theme, as you might guess from this entry’s title, is savings tips.  But not your ordinary savings tips, like getting a credit card with no annual fee or cutting out your daily latte; no, these are tips for the truly dedicated saver, the one for whom the average tips are just the beginning.  The sort of saver who’d move to a nudist colony to save on clothing expenses, for example…


Hopefully, you enjoyed my first attempt at a comic (as well as the first time I attempted to draw a guy, actually) and continue to enjoy the comics I have planned in the future.  Until then, have a good Sunday!

(For those who care about such things: the initial sketch and outline were created in Marcomedia Fireworks 4, while the coloring and fine-tuning of the line art was done in  Initial concept and art are mine.)


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