Some Tips to Help You Choose Financing Options for a Car

A car is a means to get from A to B, but it is so much more as well. It is an extension of the driver’s personality and passion and something that speaks about their personality. When you want to buy your next car, you have a few things to think about. One of the most important things to think about is money, unfortunately. It is what makes the world go round, unfortunately. There are a few options available to you in terms of financing your next car, so let’s take a look at your options.

Available Options for Financing a Vehicle

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You need to understand what your persona situation is so that you can find the financing option that best suits you as well. Don’t just accept the first deal that is offered to you, as it may not be the best one for your needs. Your options are:

  1. Dealership financing, which is the most popular type. This is because you can get your loan straight from the dealer through which you purchase your vehicle. This is very convenient and most dealers do not charge excessive interest rates either. However, be careful of sneaky add-ons that they try to include in your contract, raising the overall finance.
  2. Personal loans, for which you apply through a bank or other lending institution. Sometimes, they have to be backed by some sort of guarantee. If that is the case, it may not be the right solution as it would be easier to simply use the vehicle as collateral.
  3. Car leasing, which is best compared to hiring a vehicle with an option to buy it at the end. Most people never end up buying their vehicle, choosing instead to return it before leasing a newer model.
  4. Equity loans, whereby you release the equity in some of your assets, such as your home and use this money to buy a car. This offers a lower rate and the interest on the loan is fully tax deductible, it does mean that you could lose your home.
  5. Credit cards, which are a type of open end credit with a reasonably high interest rate. It is possible to use a credit card in order to purchase a vehicle, meaning that you then pay it back in monthly increments. This is quite an expensive form of financing a vehicle, however.
  6. Car loans, which are about as common as dealership financing. These loans are basically secured against the value of the vehicle that you want to buy. Giving lenders guarantee that you will pay them. These types of loans are also frequently offered online, generally with better rates, particularly if you have poor credit. This also gives you an opportunity to better compare the market.

Because there are so many different options out there, you should be able to get a car loan, even if your credit is not as good. However, make sure you check rates and terms so that you can find what is the best option for your personal needs.


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