Should I Take This as an Omen?


Yesterday, I went out to start living with my beautiful and very talented fiancee, Sondra (as you might recall me mentioning a few weeks ago).  It was one of the most harrowing experiences I have had while traveling.  As a result, I cannot help but wonder, is the universe attempting to send me a signal?

You might think that I am exaggerating the circumstances of my trip, so as to make for a better blog post.  In the spirit of full disclosure, and so you realize that, if anything, I’m understating the case, here is everything that happened:

  • I forgot some paperwork that I will need for a job interview this Wednesday at (my previous) house, and had to turn around after traveling for nearly half an hour down the road, delaying me by at least an hour.  So far, not too bad, you might think; although this act did cause me be in the wrong place at the wrong time for everything that followed…
  • I was nearly hit by a passenger bus while trying exit the turnpike, to the great annoyance of the bus driver, if how much he laid on the horn is any indication.  A bit harrowing, but it happens if you drive enough, I suppose.
  • I has to drive through numerous construction sites, slowing down my progress greatly.  In Pennsylvania during the spring and summer, this isn’t a rare event; the freezing, melting and refreezing of water during the winter is murder on our roads (which are some of the worst in the country, according to many surveys).  I’m used to these conditions, but what happened at the second such construction site is what makes my tale really distressing…
  • There was apparently a very bad crash, bad enough to send up smoke visible miles away.  It was not until I got within a mile of the site before I could discern this accurately.  I do not know if anyone was hurt (I hope not), but at the very least, it delayed traffic for over an hour, during which I ran the air conditioner off and on to fight the ninety plus degree heat (in Fahrenheit, of course).  As a result…
  • When I tried to start my car when the road was finally cleared, I discovered that the battery was dead.  I could not get the car to turn over or start in any way, in spite of the fact that it was functional just a short time ago.  So there I was, stranded (in the passing lane, no less), being passed by the traffic that had built up over the previous hour (a large number of semi trailers, which had to pass me on right and then cross over to the left lane to avoid the construction area).  I tried to contact AAA, eventually getting through to an operator, but before they could send anyone out, one of the policemen who had been helping with the fire came over and gave me a jump.

All in all, one of the worst experiences I have ever had driving.  To answer my own initial question, no, I do not believe that the universe or some higher power is attempting to tell me not to live with my girlfriend.  It was simply a very unlucky day for me to go out driving, and nothing other worldly was at work.  If there’s something that something supernatural is attempting to tell me, it needs to be a lot clearer than this to make me leave my dear, dear girl.

Now, if I happen to be struck by lightning sometime in the next week, I might just reconsider my position…


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