Shopping for Car Insurance

Shopping for Car Insurance

Car insurance is not just protection for your wallet in the event of an accident; it’s a mandatory pre-requisite that you’ll legally need before backing out of your driveway. Generally, car insurance is not going to cost you an arm and a leg each month. However, the type of vehicle you drive, how you drive it and where you drive it will all play a role in determining how much you pay for insurance. But even then, the premiums one company will charge could very well be less or more than what another company charges. This is why it pays to take the time to shop around and research. The following three tips may help you find better-priced coverage that won’t take such a bite out of your wallet.

Shop for a local car insurance company

Local car insurance companies, or at the very least local car insurance agents, are a great place to start when you begin searching for new insurance. They can offer you rates that are customized based on the local geography. If you live in Harrisburg, for example, then it makes sense to shop for car insurance in Harrisburg. Plus, picking a local agent means having a face-to-face meetings, and these in-person appointments can often set you up with a great business relationship — and potential discounts and perks that might not be available elsewhere.

Look for discounts

Even if you’ve found a decently discounted insurance policy, don’t quit yet. Take the time to ask about discounts for driving a certain vehicle, using certain theft-protection devices (such as alarms) or even for owning a home or having a child in college. You may be amazed at the discounts available.

Improve your driving

The better you drive, the safer you’ll be. Increase following distance, slow your speed and take care in congested areas and on unfamiliar roads. Going for a long period of time without accidents means a cleaner driving record, which means lower insurance premiums. And, many of these same safe-driving tactics can result in improved gas mileage and a longer lifespan for your brake pads and tires

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