Roger’s Resolutions for 2013

It’s the last day of 2012, and the end of the year means a lot of things. Nearly a week after Christmas, the gifts that kept you occupied are starting to lose some of their appeal (unless you got something like Munchkin, a game that has kept my wife and I, to say nothing of some of our neighbors, busy and entertained nearly every night of the last week). The decorations have had to be put away, which took most of yesterday for me. If you are here in the Northeast, you’re probably already tired of all the snow that has come your way; I know the foot or so we’ve gotten is enough to keep me happy for the next few years, yet alone for this winter.

But the biggest thing of all is that it is resolution time. Yes, most of us sit down and consider what we hope to accomplish during the coming year. From losing weight to gaining a romantic partner to dropping those bad habits that we want to eliminate (I’m looking at you, smokers), the first day of the new year is when most of us sit down and write up what we hope to change about ourselves during the coming year, as I did for 2012. I’m no different; as you might have guessed, I’m going to cover my new resolutions before this article ends. Before that, though, here’s my

Review of My 2012 Resolutions

1. Get My Alexa Ranking Under 100,000: Definitely not, I’m sad to say. If anything, my Alexa ranking is worse now than it’s been in many a year. There’s more than a few reasons, from needing to spend more time than expected on thesis work to having my blog hacked (the fact that my thesis needed the most work right after my blog was hacked didn’t help matters). I definitely need to devote much more time and effort to my blogging if I hope to accomplish this goal, though.

2. Eliminate $5000 in Credit Card Debt: I had hoped that this would be something relatively easy to accomplish; there are people who pay off thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars of credit card debt every year, after all. But not only didn’t I manage to eliminate debt, but I actually added five thousand to my credit card debt. Again, there’s quite a few reasons I could cite for that (although, I don’t want to turn this article into excuses about my failures), but perhaps the biggest one is that it took much longer than expected to:

3. Finish Graduate School and Get A Job: Alright, this was really a two part goal. I did manage to finish graduate school (although later than expected), but I still am unemployed, and my neurologist has told me not to even look for a job until I get my epilepsy under control. I can’t disagree with that (I could pose a risk to myself and others until it’s completely under control, after all), but it does add another wrinkle to my goal of graduating in May (or August, at the latest) and getting a job well before now.

Alright, there’s where my 2012 resolutions stand; not nearly where I hoped to be when I first created these resolutions. But now is not a time to look back with regret. Instead, I’m going to look ahead, consider how to do better in the future, and create

My Resolutions for 2013

1. Start Earning $3000 Each Month in Alternate Income: This probably seems familiar; after all, I resolved to earn $1000 each month two years ago. But with no graduate school classes or work to worry about, I hope to have an easier time of it this time around. Why $3000, you ask? Well, the monthly expenses I pay amount to $2000 each month, so an extra $1000 would enable me to do some things like build up some more savings, invest more for retirement or yes, pay down my credit card debt as I hoped to do this year. While we’re talking about money, I also intend to:

2. Get a Job: This one could be a bit tougher; as I noted above, I’m currently been told not to take on a regular job given my current condition. So this resolution really has two aspects. First, to get my condition under control so I can take on a regular job in my field (most of which pay pretty well, so that would definitely help my financial situation). Second, I need to try to get an ‘alternative’ job, doing things like writing for other blogs or possibly even being a virtual assistant, doing the sort of job that doesn’t require me to do anything where my condition could put myself or others at risk. It’ll be tough to do either, but that’s the point of setting goals like this, isn’t it?

3. Care for My Wife and Child: I would think that this goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: if I do nothing else this coming year, if I accomplish absolutely nothing else financially or employment-wise, as long as I take care of my wife and my child to the best of my ability, it will be a successful year. (Not that I don’t want to earn a healthy amount of side income or get a job, mind you, but being a helpful househusband and baby nanny is not a bad accomplishment, either.)

Alright, there you have my goals for the year of 2013. What are your resolutions for this coming year? How well did you accomplish your resolutions for 2012?


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